Effective Business Communication Essay Example

Effective Business communication has taught me that there are several forms of communication today society. In order to effectively communicate within my personal life, I first need to understand other forms of communication along with my own. Learning these forms of communication will then allow me to effectively communicate with my husband and my daughter's. For instance, my oldest daughter uses technology more as a form of communication, this allows her to be able to gather her thoughts and feelings more, so I've started trying this form of communication more so now we have fewer disagreements and we now even talk more in person. 

My husband prefers face to face communication rather than text messages. I have found that when we text one another about a serious conversation we would have misunderstanding and even fusses because of it. I decided to try face to face communication and I have noticed that we communicate better, and we actually understand each other more. This form of communication has really helped us to grow as a couple and to form more respect and love for one another.

As for my professional life, I have found technology such as emails, windows shareable calendar and shareable memos to be the best form of communication. Being that we as directors are so busy with running programs and finalizing deadlines along with communicating with programs participants it's very hard to remember everything that is going on in each other's departments. This is why we use emails, memos, and windows shareable calendar because it allows us to less likely meet important deadlines, important conversations, and important events. This I have noticed has allowed me to have less miscommunication with my Branch Director since we both stay so busy. My Branch Director and I also share the same personality so when talking about important deadlines or events in person it’s very easy for us to get confused with one another than when we email back in fourth because we tend to speak at the same time in person.

Since this class, I've realized also realized that I didn't understand business communication as well as I thought. I now realize business communication is the process of sharing very important information with fellow coworkers, with loved ones, and with other business outside of your work environment. Business communication also teaches us how to deal with conflict, differences of opinions, cultural views, religious views, proper etiquette, and proper dinner manners in a professional way.

I have also learned the importance of being professional in the business world. There are so many different cultures, languages and religious views within our society that it is very easy to offend someone now and days. So, it is important that we always make sure we consider these views when we communicate with one another. I have also found this to be true within my workplace. There have been times where I considered a program participant was being rude to me because they were very short and said very few words to me to later realize they didn't speak very good English. After finding out that they couldn't speak very good English I then felt awful for having the thoughts and attitude towards them that I had.

However, I do think using our Christian values within our professional and personal life will allow us to have effective business communication skills. This will allow us to make sure we are being honest, caring, responsible, and respectful to others because these are the values that God instills in us. With God’s word and leadership, we can always rest assure that we are treating others the way we would like to be treated. God teaches us to always be slow to anger and to always make sure we gather our thoughts and speak with a softened heart. This is how we should be when speaking to our loved ones and when we speak to others in a professional work environment as well.

Making sure we do our research when communicating in the business world also allows us to make sure we have less conflict with others. It also allows us to make sure we have done our research on other companies to ensure we make decisions based on correct information instead of rash decisions or gossip. Doing our research also allows us to collaborate and work together so that we can further achieve our goals and deadlines efficiently. Another form of effective research that business communication as taught me is parliament procedures, this is where you write down a body of rules and notes that were discussed during important business meetings to ensure everyone remembers decisions that were made and important topics that were discussed.

I have thoroughly enjoyed effective business communication and truly hate to see the class end. Professor Roob has truly taught me the importance of making sure to cover important topics, doing my research, and making sure I always answer questions and ask questions in a professional yet courteous manner. By making sure you are professional and courteous it helps each individual to ensure they are showing others respect and it creates less tension and confusion in our personal lives and in the professional work environment.



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