Essay on Disadvantages of Online Shopping

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  • Published: 05 September 2021
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When we talk about technologies and internet networks, most people see youths and children using social media and being familiar with using smart devices. Obviously, they use them for many purposes such as some of them study online, some to make money, some to purchase online and some for entertainment. Nowadays, almost everyone is purchasing online, so people often find a reliable source to buy something online by reading reviews and ratings. Here, I want to point out some negative developments of product reviews and services.

These days, the online market is gradually expanding. Online markets like Amazon and eBay are places where we can search for anything we want and they’ll deliver it to your home. As they are the most well-known online markets, people often buy from them because the reviews are honest and the quality is correct as they said in the description. On the other hand, there are still many online markets where people can resell and buy secondhand. Plus, other small online shops create websites to sell their products and deliver overseas. People favor buying from that kind of small business as the packaging and the products are creative and unique. But, since we cannot see the products in real life, we cannot see the correct quality and cannot say whether the reviews were written honestly by other customers or not. Although the reviews are good, when we get it, the quality is not like what they said in reviews and photos. The reason is that many online markets pay people money to write good reviews and feedback on their websites to get more orders. These scammers are targeting people with less knowledge about online shopping and innocent people. Besides giving people money to get good reviews, another thing they do is suing people who write a bad yet honest review on their website. When they see bad reviews, they threaten that person to take down their reviews.

Another negative development is that people attack their opponents by writing bad things intentionally online. A brand’s image can be easily damaged and never come back once it is attacked by a group of people. Being able to speak out online is like freedom of speech. When freedom of speech is misused without noticing to attack, many famous vloggers and businesses disappeared on the internet. This kind of issue could happen to many products. Small businesses might suffer a lot because before bad reviews they are known by only a few people but when they are being attacked, many people become noticing them having a bad reputation. A further reason is that we have different favors. Whereas the vloggers and other customers are saying the price is reasonable and the quality is good, other customers find those reviews different from what they experienced. For instance, while people who can afford would recommend some fancy restaurants for having an affordable price, quality and portions are amazing, other people may find it way too expensive comparing the price to quality and portion. Another example is that nevertheless,  McDonald’s fans would say its fries are the best in the town, KFC fans will say against it. That’s why the most famous businesses are being attacked in public and online as well. These comments remain unresolved, and people continue to consume their products and services. Conversely, if the bad reviews are getting intense, they renew the products trying to get back a good reputation. 

People get scammed once in buying things online because of fraudulent reviews and dishonest feedbacks. When it comes to the internet, there may be many disadvantages which we should be aware of. Reading reviews before you buy something online is never wrong.


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