Should Teachers Be Paid More Argumentative Essay Example

Teaching is one of the most preferred and desirable professions in today's world; also, most people agree that being a teacher is holy because it is pretty hard and laborious to educate pupils in order to prepare for life. Moreover, teaching a new generation is a critical responsibility for educators. Even so, some people oppose that governments pay salaries more than needed teachers.  Well, have you ever ponder on teachers should be paid more than any other profession in the world? There are lots of supportive arguments, as well as opposite related to this issue.

Firstly, without a doubt, it can be asserted that teachers pave the way for all other professions. To illustrate, in general, primary school teachers are responsible for observing each student in the class to help for the purpose of choosing their career goals; that is to say, they play a significant role in leading to help students so that their students get ahead lifelong. So, teachers deserve salaries which they get to be more exact.

On the other hand, many people strongly disagree that teachers should not be paid more than they need since teaching poses no risks. For instance, in the world, such professions as construction labour, war reporting, engineering are notably in danger compared to educators. Therefore, opponents point out that it would be better if the salaries paid extra to teachers were given the professions mentioned above.

All in all, some people support that states overpay teachers for their endeavouring while others do not. From my perspective, teachers should be paid by taking into consideration their branches and course hours. Thus, unfair payment and its consequences end up.


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