Physical Exercises and Their Health Benefits Essay Example

Physical Exercises and Their Health Benefits Essay Example
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📌Published: 29 August 2021

Harry S. Truman once said “A healthy soul in a healthy body”. Unless our bodies are in good shape, our minds will be as well. Our minds will not be fit until and until our bodies are in good shape. Regular physical activity is vital for our health. Nowadays, junk food is more popular among teenagers rather than eating nutritious foods. We won't be able to stop kids from consuming junk food, but we can certainly encourage them to engage in regular physical activity like exercising.

People should exercise to stay young, prevent heart ailments, boost their immune systems, avoid depression, boost energy, strength, and stamina over time, and enhance mental fitness. Aerobic, anaerobic, and flexibility exercises are the three main types of exercise. Swimming and cycling fall within the aerobic category. They classify weight lifting as anaerobic activity, whereas they classify stretching as flexibility. People are sometimes too stressed to believe that exercise can assist them. “Physical activity helps to bump up the production of your brain's feel-good neurotransmitters, called endorphins.” (Mayo Clinic). They are too preoccupied with their daily lives to consider strategies to decrease the stress they experience daily. When individuals truly engage in physical activity, they understand how beneficial it is to them, and they alter their minds, discovering that they were mistaken. 

Any workout that is done correctly will pay dividends and provide several advantages. Many individuals believe that working out makes them feel far better than not working out, and there is data to back up this assertion.“Research shows that eliciting the exercise response for as little as 10 to 20 minutes a day pays off. It melts away headaches, helps you sleep better, and lowers blood pressure”(Harvard Men’s Health Watch, 5). Exercise is one of the most effective stress relievers. It has a good probability of sweeping away the tension. There are several methods to exercise, but the most beneficial include sports, stretching, and anything that gets the muscles moving. Headaches, various health issues, increased self-confidence, and enhanced brain function are among the most stressful conditions that exercise may ease. The key to success is exercise.

We should not just exercise to be fit, but we should also eat well. Students in today's age are so focused on their schoolwork that they neglect their health. Everyone, from a child to an adult, should exercise regularly to be healthy. We must maintain our health since we are the nation's future. We simply need to propel our country forward. Michelle Obama, the First Lady, has begun a campaign to combat childhood obesity and encourage children to eat better. She claims that her objective is to put America on track to fix the kids’ obesity epidemic in a generation, but she blames it on busy, lazy parents, cafeteria foods competing with vending machines at schools, food corporations who push fatty bags, disadvantaged communities, and screens. She feels that to win, she must assemble cabinet officials, mayors, schools, commercials, entertainment personalities, and business leaders to get her message through and run a successful campaign. I firmly believe that this effort will never be successful. There are several reasons her campaign has been unsuccessful even though it has been running for a couple of years that might have promised the correct lead in the correct direction.

 They do not require it to take part in sports to consider a workout. Stretching is another workout that everyone should do. Stretching exercises come in a variety of forms, with one designed specifically for each portion of the body that needs to be strengthened. “Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet on the floor. Raise your pelvis straight up toward the ceiling (not rolling up). Repeat 3 sets of 10.” (Lauren, 44). We've all heard that exercise may help you get in shape, lose weight, improve your balance, and lessen your risk of a variety of ailments, including heart disease. However, multiple studies have shown that exercise can help you live a longer life. This appears to be the case. For example, if exercise lowers your chances of developing heart disease or cancer, it also lowers your chances of dying from these conditions. However, the advantage of lifespan is not only because of a lower chance of chronic illness. Regular exercise causes biological modifications that keep you youthful. “Researchers at Brigham Young University who studied the DNA of nearly 6,000 adults found that the telomeres, the end caps on chromosomes that shorten with age, were longer in people who were active compared to those who were sedentary.” (Bains, 9).

Nevertheless, exercising is widely known to be beneficial for weight control, bone and muscular strength, and greater stamina. The advantages of exercise extend beyond these obvious truths to a wide range of other elements of health and wellness. Other benefits to exercise include a lower chance of sickness, enhanced brain health, better energy, sleep, and sex, and, finally, a longer life.

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