Dayanara and Her Story of Basketball Essay Example

Dayanara and Her Story of Basketball Essay Example
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📌Published: 20 June 2021

It all started when Dayanara was on her couch watching tv and a basketball game came on. It’s almost like she was stuck to the tv. She was so interested watching the game that no one could pull her away from the tv. As she got older many of her older cousins started playing. She became even more interested because her cousins would always talk about how fun it was. 

First, she asked her mom if she could play but the answer that came back made her kind of upset. Her mom said “you aren’t old enough yet”. After her mom told her that it took some time to take that in. When she was okay with waiting she told herself that she would just start practicing now so that she would be better later.

She always wanted to go the park with her basketball to shoot some baskets and dribble. Also almost every time she went to her grandma’s house she would bring her basketball with her. Since her grandma had a basketball hoop at her house and she would go there almost all the time.  Dayanara thought that was just perfect. What else she thought was perfect was that her cousin that played basketball was also there all the time so he could teach her a lot of skills too. She was starting to learn really cool new things and improve at the same time. Dayanara was preparing for when the time comes that she could finally play basketball.  

Next, she was aging as she was having fun and learning new tricks to do with the basketball to become better. She finally turned the age that she was old enough to play basketball. Her mom then signed her up, her first year playing was in the Brighton rec center. Up to this day she can remember what the first thing her coach told her.

Dayanara’s coach said “your really tall you have a really great advantage”. When she started she then realized that her couch was right about being tall being an advantage. Her couch would always ask her if it was her first time. When she said “yes this is my first time playing”, they always respond with “are you sure because we think you’re too good for it being your first time playing”. After her coaches told her that she always thought to herself all that hard work of practicing really did pay off, and maybe it was a good thing she had to wait so it would leave time for her to practice mean while. She then thought to herself this is going to be my favorite sport to play. 

Finally, that season was eventually over and she waited tell the next season started. When that season started she started playing basketball. She found herself improving on the basketball court time by time. When her whole team lost she didn’t pitty herself. Instead of feeling bad for herself she felt good because now she knew what she could do better next time and what not to do next time. Instead of bringing her down it made her better as a basketball player and a better person in general. In 2019 she moved to do basketball in the Bison Ridge Commerce City rec center. That year didn’t really come out as she planned. Due to an incident her physician told her to do the exercises but try to not move her arm very much. She had to take a scan and when the results came in the doctor told her to hold off basketball until it healed. She was upset because she really enjoyed playing the sport and she couldn’t. So by the time her arm was starting to feel better the season was already over. When her arm was almost all the way healed she just started doing small exercises that she did in basketball before her injury.


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