USA Gymnastics Scandal. A Sexual Harassment Essay Example

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  • Published: 22 August 2020
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Every 98 seconds an American is sexually assaulted 84% of those people are female. Sexual harassment is everywhere from schools to government offices, which needs to be changed. Recentally a USA gymnastics doctor sexualy harassed many young girls. The doctor would tell the girls that what he was doing to them was just a part of the treatment. Being manipulated by someone you used to respect can lead to a psychosomatic illness. A psychosomatic illness is a condition caused by depression, anxiety, or stress. 

What happened to USAG after the sexual predator, Larry Nassar, preyed on these young athletes? Larry Nassar got over 360 years in prison over only a 3 month period of court. The CEO of USAG is completely rebuilding the broken national team. Kerry Perry, the CEO only became the CEO a few days before the scandal was released, “will now oversee an organization stripped of its institutional experience.” (Taylor, Tom) USAG is now almost completely bankrupt with most of their sponsors gone; they are in financial ruins. Before the USA gymnastics team can go to Tokyo in 2020 they need to do some things to rebuild the team. 

They need to elect a new board, find a new training center, attract new sponsors, and develop policies and procedures to give all the athletes confidence and protection.

What is the government doing to prevent future scandals? This scandal prompted congress to require better protections for athletes. February 14, 2018 the Safe Sport Authorization Act was signed. This act protects young victims from sexual abuse and gives them a voice. The act focuses on three main points, athlete health and well being, whistle blowing, and gender equality.  This is really good of the government to get involved in order to keep young athletes safe. 

A former USAG team member Rachael Denhollander was a victim of the horrible things doctor Nassar was doing. She joined gymnastics at 12 years old and was assaulted at just 15 years old. When she was 15 she went to see Nassar because of serious stress fractures in her wrist and her back. She told People Magazine that “he knew how to make you trust him”.  The nightmare she experienced has followed her around her whole life, “ I lost my ability to trust anyone” (Minutaglio, Rose). 

Being a USA gymnast myself, it is very comforting to know that Dr. Nassar was stopped and that the government is doing something to change the way athletes are treated. The stress and physical toll that gymnasts have to go through should have to be enough for a girl to handle. Sexual harassment needs to be stopped to make sure this world doesn’t become a dystopia.



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