Does Lifting Weights Stunt Growth Essay Example

Does Lifting Weights Stunt Growth Essay Example
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Can I lift as a teenager, or will it stunt my growth? It is a true argument amongst the common people and experienced lifters. Parents wonder should I let my kid lift weights, “I have heard it stunts growth.” Myth or not it is definitely intriguing, as this has been in place for a long time and no concrete solution has been understood by everyone. Each person has their own opinion, let’s see if it’s right.

It is a myth because there is no real concrete evidence to back up that lifting weights will stunt a young lifter’s growth. In the article by healthline, which was reviewed by Daniel Bubnis M.S. states that it is a myth, as it has no evidence to back the claim up. It says that the only way lifting weights could possibly affect the maximum height is through injury to the growth plates which applies to everyone and not only to young lifters. It is advised to have proper supervision when starting to avoid these injuries due to improper lifting form.

There are some things that could possibly restrict height growth and that is the use of PED’s or anabolic steroids. This can inhibit growth of the bones as all of the testosterone is going to muscle growth and it can also affect the development not only of bones but also the maturing of a young adult. The other thing is going too heavy at the start and lower repetitions, under 6 repetitions per set can affect and injure the growth plates. Thus, it is advised to start with lower weight with higher repetitions and from there go to a minimum on 8 all of this while progressing slowly. 

Some might argue that working out alone increases the chance of something happening that could possibly affect the maximum growth of a young adult, such as injury or perhaps an accident. For example, if someone has no supervision which is likely and kids in general are not very responsible with their own safety they will end up hurting themselves. While this is true and having no supervision, or working out without proper progression, and having improper form can cause injury to the growth plates could possibly affect the maximum growth of a person, people should focus on the facts. If a young adult really hopes to work out and, get the benefits they will be responsible enough and will follow rules accordingly. Slowly progressing and having proper supervision , with weights is important.

All of this information is very important, while lifting weights one always has risks. It will not stunt growth if one does it correctly. If the teen is rebellious or maybe doesn’t follow the rules maybe it will be advisable not to allow lifting weights. One must have supervision when you start, proper technique is imperative. It is an activity that if done right will have serious benefits for teens, but it is also an activity that could in fact stunt growth if requirements are not met.

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