Why I Like Golf Essay Example

Golf is the sport that seems like it brings back spring. With the green grass, fresh air, and sunny skies there is a lot to love. When I was a freshman I loved golf because it was a time to mess around with your friends. But then when we were two weeks away from our first meet I decide it was time to actually practice like you would play.

April 12th 2018, my first high school golf meets. When I woke up that day it seemed like I was anxious or excited to play golf. But, then I realized that I had to go to school first. So I gathered my clubs, polo, pants, shoes, and headed to school. As the school day went on I got more butterflies in my stomach. I didn’t even want to eat lunch, which was very unlike me. Then when the bell rang the suspense had ended and it was time to drive to Sac and start to get ready. The drive to Sac seemed like it was 100 miles even though it was only 13. Then when we got all stretched and ready to go both teams met at the practice green to get their partners and find what hole they are starting on.  When I found out I was with Eric I was surprised. The walk to hole 5, which was on the other end on the course, was very suspenseful. With the butterflies in my stomach but the edge of excitement and wanting to golf. 

Once we got there I was very worried that I would mess up. While watching the other kids tee off I started to feel confident when they were messing up by having there tee shot go into the rough. Then once I got up there I was relaxed but still a little worried that I was going to mess up. I put the tee into the ground and put the ball onto it. I put my club head behind the ball, made sure my fit were dug into the ground and spaced evenly, and then made the final adjustments and alignments. I started to swing the club back as I concentrated on the ball as the club head came back down towards the ball and made contact I looked up and watched the ball fly. It felt good off the clubface and looked good as it landed and then rolled down the middle of the fairway. That moment of the ball sitting in the middle of the fairway was the biggest relief it seemed like. I knew I was going to have a good round, as I was confident and relaxed now. As we finished that hole I was still confident as I scored best out of the ground with a 4. As we kept playing I stayed confident and relax as it felt like I made no mistakes and playing the best golf that I could. 

As we walked up to the last tee box couch Vauble came up to me and asked how I was doing. I told him I was 5 over par, which is pretty good, as he shook his head and said, “ good now go finish good”. Then as I walked onto the tee box and went threw my routine and started to hit the ball it felt good as always and went down just into the rough. Then Vauble came up to me and said, “ That is playable now go finish strong…” As I hit the ball onto the green I started to feel stressed again sense I didn’t want to mess up this great round right here on my last hit. I walked up the ball went threw the routine lined the putt up one more time and sunk the putt. It was a great relief know I just finished my first golf meet with a great round. After everyone in the group finished their round we circled up looked at the scorecard and signed it showing are approval of our scores. Even with this great experience I hope to improve my golf game this year as I get more experience and more coaching.



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