Why Playing Sport Is Good for Health. The Sport Essay Example

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  • Published: 15 April 2021
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Did you know “The endorphins released when kids play sports keep stress levels low, and low-stress levels are associated with healthy blood pressure, a stronger immune system and heart disease prevention. Exercise can also be an effective treatment for anxiety and depression.”-St. Christopher’s Hospital For Children. I have been playing volleyball for most of my life and have always had a passion for it. When I was 10 my parents made the delightful decision to put me in recreational volleyball, which eventually led to me playing club volleyball up till today and further on. Volleyball has changed my life  tremendously and shaped the young woman I am today giving me life skills like time Management, Commitment, accepting victory and defeat in the best possible ways.

When playing volleyball you have to learn how to manage your time correctly. For example I have strength training and volleyball after school most days so I have to be able to Correctly manage my time and prioritise what i'm important in my life. I have to make sure I have all my homework done and I'm prepared for class the next day. Good time management allows me to accomplish more in a shorter period of time, which leads to more free time, which lets me take advantage of learning opportunities, lowers my stress, and helps me focus, which leads to more school and social success. Each benefit of time management improves another aspect of my life. Time management has helped me be ready for college when I need to use time management with homework,hanging out with friends, and getting a job.

Commitment has been a very important aspect of my life I've picked up from volleyball. Volleyball requires a lot of time and effort. Just like getting a job or working towards good grades at school you have to commit to your job to show you deserve the grade or your job position. Commitment is not merely a promise that one makes to do something. It entails dedication, ability to work hard and bear infinite fortitude. Staying committed to your goal is one of the most fundamental principles of success. Having volleyball has made it hard because I have to focus on school and volleyball making it hard to find time to hang out with friends, but showing commitment to my grades and volleyball has helped me realize how important commitment is in life in the long run.

Volleyball has also taught me that accepting victory and defeat in the best possible way is a very major characteristic of my life. When playing Volleyball and we have been losing are games all day I have to be able to pick up my slf , and not let if affect the rest of the day so I can lead my team to victory, and make the situation positive.Connecting this to real life for example say I fail a test I thought I was going to pass, I need to be able to move on and study to retake the test and not let it affect my day. Volleyball has also taught me to accept victory in a responsible way. In volleyball you can not expect to beat the team once and be able to beat them every time after.You have to be able to keep your dignity and not get too confident. For example in life I could use this if  I pass one math test without studying. I shouldn't expect to pass the next math test without studying.

All in all volleyball has shaped me in many ways including three major key characteristics such as time Management, Commitment, accepting victory and defeat in the best possible ways. These life skills I have developed Will follow me for the rest of my life. Helping me with job, social, and school aspects.



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