The Outdated American Education System Essay Example

The education system of the United States of America has failed us. First of it is out-of-date. Moreover, the system induces strain on children. Last, of all, it won't absorb and utilize better education systems from other nations including their neighbors. Swallowing information and then regurgitating it on a test is not an efficient way to learn. 

The system is outdated, simple. The education system that the current generation exists in was formated to create interchangeable workers during the industrial revolution from 1740 to 1840. Also, it was made to send most high school graduates to jobs involving physical labor with only a few students going to college. As a result of this, 50% of businesses have trouble finding workers suitable concerning creative and leadership positions. Furthermore, 33% of students graduate from high school with the readiness to move on to college. This contributes to the alarming rate of college students who don't attend college. 

Another relevant factor to the weak system is the United States unwillingness to grasp other nations education systems that are proven to be more reliable. According to the PISA tests that 15-year-olds and up to 18 get each year, America only scores 25th in mathematics, 17th in science and 14th in literature out of 68 other countries that participate. America is almost at the bottom in maths! How could this be? One answer is the unengaging work that students must accomplish. When asked, the majority of foreign exchange students told analysts that deriving problems from real-life scenarios were much more important than memorizing things or equations that are already written.  The Finish education system is ranked in the top 5 in the world. It is not only more academically successful but is also more engaging. So why can't the U.S.A adapt and see what they are doing right?  If students like you thought about going to school in Finland after doing some research, I don't blame you! Life would be so much better, more time for socializing and less homework and we learn more. But most importantly we would have less stress. Which brings me on to the next thing wrong with our system.

Stress. Stress that is placed on students. Students are so focused on grades and test scores that they don't care enough about themselves. Schools these days don't focus on emotion or self-care. 30% of teens feel stressed throughout the entire year. Students say the 68% of stress comes from homework. All this stress leads to harmful actions. 28% of students say they skip meals and 30% of students start to feel depressed, sad and angry. The worst part is, 42% of students don't have enough time to find a way to deal with stress. Most of this stress comes from school. Students are taught that grades matter above all else and to have an A is crucial to success. And this doesn't even begin to describe what it's like for people with pre-existing depression. It's terrible. Serious cases lead to suicide! 70% percent of students say that they don't get enough sleep and feel that stress continues producing depression in themselves and other people. We as students sometimes have to pick between forcing ourselves to study at midnight or be healthy and sleep. How is that acceptable? I can speak from the heart to all my other classmates that we have all sat down at some point asked ourselves are we smart enough? Am I good enough? Will I make it? What will my parents think? Is it worth it? If school generates questions like that in a students mind then there has to be something wrong and it needs to be improved no matter the cost.

Such a system cannot be allowed to poison the minds of our generation. People who disagree with me would say that this system is fine and prepares us for the future, but how can a system from 1840 prepare us for a future that is always changing? This system has failed us. Like the titanic, it is sinking, no, it is already sunk, and we need to stop clinging on to hope that it might float.



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