In Defense of Vocabulary Essay Example

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  • Published: 25 August 2020
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Why is Vocabulary important? Vocabulary is essential because, without it, A person cannot comprehend what they are reading, or what others are saying. Without Vocabulary, they would have no way to communicate their thoughts or interpret other people's ideas. Vocabulary directly correlates to all forms of communication. 

Vocabulary is essential for reading comprehension, and a person cannot understand what they are reading or listening to if they do not know what the words mean. As a child, Vocabulary is minimal. Throughout schooling and communication with peers, a child's Vocabulary naturally grows. Without this growth, they would have limited functionality in society. Vocabulary is the body of words known to a person. Without Vocabulary, one's basic understanding of everything would be nothing. "Research has shown that kids need to understand 98% of the words they read to understand what they are reading". 

I believe having a large vocabulary helps increase the ability to interact and communicate with others. Having a large vocabulary allows a person to say what they mean — expanding Vocabulary can only better a person's ability to express their thoughts and understand others. If they cannot communicate their ideas or follow anyone else's, they could not function in society. Without Vocabulary, they would be unable to communicate their basic needs. They would not survive on their own.

Vocabulary is necessary when listening to others. When someone listens to a person talk, they interpret the words they hear based off of their Vocabulary. If a person never expanded their Vocabulary, they would never be able to understand anyone. The more someone increases their Vocabulary, the more people they can understand. As their comprehension increases so do their chances of success. Excellent communication is the key to success. "Experiments and tests performed over 20 years of research have shown that no matter whether someone is an engineer, executive, plant manager, or something else, a good vocabulary is the single best predictor for career success. Moreover, the results found that Vocabulary usually comes before achievement, not as a consequence of it".

In conclusion, I believe Vocabulary is the single most crucial part of the education system. Vocabulary is necessary for reading comprehension. Vocabulary is needed to communicate one's thoughts and understand others thoughts. Without Vocabulary, one cannot understand anything they listen to. As someone grows, their Vocabulary grows. As their Vocabulary grows, so does their ability to communicate with all layers and levels of society. Therefore improving the overall quality of life and increasing chances of success.



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