My Best Friend Essay Example. Worth a Thousand Words

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  • Published: 05 July 2020
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What started as just an ordinary picture turned into something much more. This photograph brings much joy and happiness into my heart. It shows that some people will stay in your life forever for many different reasons. It's a picture of my best friend and me in preschool when we were around three years old. We were at our preschool graduation one of the greatest milestones as a kid. In the picture, it's me getting my diploma and my best friend Colby in the background smiling as hard as he could for me getting that little piece of paper. 

Colby and I grew up together the past fifteen years of our lives but .We lost touch for a few years but picked up right where we left off and we continued to be best friends for two years we went to the same preschool but different elementary schools and middle schools and then in high school, we had several classes together and we even got our first job together making ice cream which was an absolute blast working with your best friend. 

We tell each other literally whatever pops in out head whether it's something serious or stuoid. If you see us together there is no doubt that we are always laughing or playing around with each other .. Being best friends with Colby was the greatest thing ever but I knew there was something else there. On February 14th I finally decided to tell him that I liked him more than as in a best friend way and at first he thought I was kidding so for almost 2 months he didn't tell me how I felt because he thought I was kidding but on April 16th I brought up again  how I wanted to be more than friends and this time he actually believed, me and told  me he has felt the same way for a while but was scared to tell me. 

 Being best friends and everything I asked him to go to the prom with me back in January so we could have time to plan everything out. So on May 11th, we went to prom and a week later he asked me to be his girlfriend which was the happiest day of my entire life. We were already so comfortable around each other having known each other for 15 years so we were already ourselves around each other which made everything so perfect with him. We spend almost every day together whether it's swimming, going somewhere or just laying there watching SpongeBob together. The time we spend together is always time well spent and I wouldn't change it for the world. He is the most selfless guy I know, he does so much for me whether it's losing me complain.

He cares about me so much and he doesn't even have to tell me that because I can just tell. He's taller than me which is a good thing and he has the cutest curls in his hair. He is also the most country boy you will ever meet, he loves to hunt and fish as almost as much as he loves me or even more.  Everyone kinda knew that we would end up together but I was always hesitant because we have always just been best friends but the more I spent time and talked to him the more I realized that's the one I want to be with. I will always be forever grateful for our parents for putting us in the same preschool and then again the same high school so we could begin another adventure together. 

That picture of him and I together will forever be my favorite object.  We plan on taking this very special picture on may 29th at our high school graduation.



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