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Wanting to start a video game design company may be the games part of the saying “It’s all fun and games”; but fun? Well, it is not fun all the time. Sure, being the creative person, you grew up wanting to be is a dream come true for most kids, but the execution is never in your head at that time. I am David, and I want to be a game designer, with my own company; and, this is my story of why it's not all fun and games.

Being a kid, I grew up loving video games, so it is no surprise that my aspirations are to become a person who creates video games. Some may ask how someone at that early childhood age gets into programming, game design, and eventually releasing a game. Sure, the game was not perfect, I mean I was 8 years old and I released the game on some forum page, and nobody had played the game, but it was playable. That was my first introduction to programming, game designing, and releasing a project.

At 8 years old, obviously I had no way to learn from a teacher how to program. There was not a class on programming, well at least at the time I was 8 years old there was not a class on programming. So, what did I have? Well I had the beautiful place called YouTube. Surprisingly, even at the rough era of YouTube starting up, it would commonly be a place to find educational videos.

The struggling part though, YouTube was new, finding very specific things that you wanted to do with your game was just not going to happen. Better yet the videos I watched all pertained to a game about fruit moving around randomly, and you were supposed to click all the fruit. That was not what I wanted my game to be. I wanted to make a game that took the player on an adventure, a game that used more than objects just flying around randomly with no real control. I had to figure it out through trial and error for years, but those videos helped explain how things worked.

Those “things” being predefined functions, and those functions allowed me to spend time figuring out all the possibilities I could use them in. That got me far on how I could problem solve issues, to get things to work, and while it would not be the way I would do those things today; it was a good start. Having to self-learn programming languages is still stuff I work on today; every project is a new challenge. As of right now, I have yet been taught everything to know about programming, the only things I know are those that I self-taught myself. Childhood me would learn multiple coding languages in the years to come, and I should apologize to my parents for all the viruses I gave their computer figuring out how to code.

As I grew up, so did YouTube. I had taken a break from game designing, to do more. . . well just gaming. I was a Teenager so understandably; I was very talented at dropping ideas and moving to the next big idea that I would consider wanting to do for the rest of my life. However, I met my friend during this break from practicing video game design and programming. While I do not remember a lot from back then, I remember playing games, cheating in games, while also creating said cheats for the game, and talking about how interesting and fun the idea of creating a game would be. Well that was pretty much it though, it was a lot of just talk at this time, this friendship that we shared the same ambition of being a game designer started the idea of officially starting the company. The only thing holding us back was our lack of “Get up and Go” attitude. Being a teenager though, that is what it is all about, figuring out the thing you would want to do for the next 60 to 70 years or even longer.

My friend and I were growing up now too, starting college, starting jobs, things got complicated. We were now however getting taught by professors. So, the understanding of coding was at least easier, but now there were more problems we did not and still do not have solutions for.  Not only was my job specifically making it harder and going to school took more hours out of my day but having the free time to work on games for this company was reduced.

Then we found out that the whole starting a business is more hands-on than we had expected, how we could make it into a profitable business is preposterous to even think of at this time, writing stories that are longer than a few paragraphs and connect on an emotional level is irritably hard. Everything was now getting advance, using Google to find answers were not an option anymore. You cannot just copy and paste a story from the internet, creativity is not really a subject you can teach. So, we hit a roadblock. It is delaying us, I am now spending more hours of my day at the expense of my sleep, but we push on.

To summarize this all up, starting a company is not the easiest path, especially not a video game company. It is baby steps, and if I gave up when I was 8 years old on figuring out how to code or did not have those delays that ended up finding a friend also interested in a Game Design company; I would not be here. Here, making a company, going to school for software design, and all the challenging aspects that I am now facing because of those dreams and aspirations of being a video game designer. Sure, game is in the phrase “It’s all fun and games” which covers what we want out of this, but fun, that is a subject up for interpretation.



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