An Example of a Letter To the Future Me

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  • Published: 12 April 2021
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Dear future me,                                                 

My eighth grade year has gone pretty good, but has been stressful in some classes. Since the beginning of the year I have tried to not have any late homework or missing assignments. I have been able to keep that goal. When I began 8th grade year I knew the teachers were going to be more harsh and that there was going to be more homework. I was mostly excited for my math class. I know I am not the best and you know that, but I wanted to start fresh and give myself a chance to work harder to be the best I can be. It hasn't been the easiest, but I am glad that I gave myself that goal because it truly has helped me get good grades. I have had nothing lower than a B which to me is really good. I knew in the beginning of the year I wanted to make sure I had really good grades and I'm glad I was able to accomplish that. This year I have really loved social studies class. With Mr. Panfalone I have been able to understand and communicate better with. His way of teaching helps me understand everything to the best of my abilities. I feel that I could work a little harder in science because my grade in that class is always the lowest because of the way I study for her tests. I feel my last three quarters have been quite good knowing I get straight A's and if not a B.

This quarter I want to leave middle school with straight A’s. I also would like to be more organized and plan out my studying for tests two days before. I want to use my time more wisely. I want to be more strict on myself to get the grades that satisfies me. One thing I want to stop doing is waiting till the last day to do my homework. Most of the time in health and social studies we get homework that takes us more than a day, so we get a two day due date. I always wait till that night to do it. I want to organize my time to be able to not rush on my homework. Something I want to continue is my class behavior. I have been very respectful to my teachers and classmates. Something I want to start is using my planner so I dont forget what my homework was the day before. If I pay attention and write good notes I can use them for next year as a freshman. This will help me when we review next year. One goal for the fourth quarter is to study for all my tests including quizzes. I will make quizlets for the long tests and use study guides. 

I hope when you are reading this you are proud of what you have done in the fourth quarter. This summer I am hoping to get more involved in my sports. I hope when I get to freshman year I can do sports and keep my grades up. I am excited to see what you become the more you grow up. When you are reading this you will be close to summer so enjoy it and keep working hard. 

From, past self



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