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  • Published: 01 May 2021
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Does school really benefit students the best they can? School can bring students a long way, it provides basic education and a diploma or a degree which is something that gives one access to a good amount of jobs. But, schools don’t provide creativity, and without creativity, there is no opportunity to go any further than the minimum. A school doesn’t give students the creativity to become inventors, It doesn’t help a student to become a multi-million dollar company, CEO, or start up their own business.  A school doesn't create out-of-the-world paintings like the Mona Lisa, Therefore, Schools reduce creativity.

Individual creative thinking declines with more time spent in schools. It’s like a virus, the longer you have the worse it gets, eventually leading to death. This is estimated to be true due to an analysis of almost 300,000 scores of both children/adults since 1974 on Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking (TTCT).

One of the top killers of creativity is the increasing heavy emphasis on standardized testing. Standardized testing focuses on drill practice and memorization. Standardized tests are not a genuine representation of a student’s academic knowledge. People learn in different ways. They’re spatial learners, auditory learners, linguistic learners, kinesthetic learners, mathematical learners, interpersonal learners, and/or intrapersonal learners. Standardized tests don’t allow students to freely and thoroughly express what they have learned in schools to their utmost potential, this is again because of the st

The increased standardization of curriculum and the chronological order of how teachers should teach strains a teacher’s autonomy and creativity. Look at it this way, A teacher’s job is to have all their students pass their class with a good grade on the final exam, that’s one of their main goals, or basically how they keep their job. Final exam grades also determine the likelihood of the student acing the next exam, teachers believe this determines “success” and a teacher’s top priority is extremely focused on the standardized test which is given at the end of the following semester, with this, they work on ensuring that every student achieves the perfect score, or at least to keep their average score on par with exams from previous years (assuming they’ve been teaching for a while), Instead of attempting to support and increase a student’s creative capacity.

Unfortunately, most of the people who have a different opinion on this topic would most likely argue that schools promote creativity. They would claim that schools enrich creativity, mainly through the use of projects, and hands-on activities of the sort. They may also claim that schools provide the required knowledge that allows you to become successful and be able to handle your future when it gets hit hard by the realization that life is tough. However, there is still error in this, because projects and hands-on activities, essays are on a format/guidelines, which still limits creativity severely.

What is the answer to this hard-debating topic of whether or not schools kill creativity? They do. But how will schools manage to change this and what will happen if they don’t? This is easy to change. Standardized tests were introduced around the 1920s period, without them, it would be a seemingly dramatic change to the outcome of creativity in students after education is complete.



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