Essay on Arts Programs at Schools And their Benefits

Essay on Arts Programs at Schools And their Benefits
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📌Published: 06 June 2021

“Children have to grow up as all-around personalities, but it cannot be at the cost of the arts program, because American history has fallen more into the hands of cultural communication through creativity. Over the years as rapid inflation has taken place, schools have found themselves pleading their cases for increasing funding. Which causes the age-old debate within communities on whether they want to witness an increase in taxes or severe budget cuts. When these cuts began to take shape, they continually solely affect hardworking teachers, class sizes and the arts program. While sports are often praised and the last to experience financial sacrifice. The arts should be receiving greater funding and recognition because it's beneficial to not only academics, but as well as personal growth, and community Bonds. 

First, and foremost, it is important to discuss how great of a margin there is between funding for sports and the arts while describing why this is becoming a vital issue for morality. So how extensive is the difference in support and funding? Well, research shows that six to eight times more is invested in sports compared to the arts, who only receive a tenth of total funds. () This is an enormous difference considering that most sports. aren’t even all year round. It also gives off the impression that the arts are less of value or priority even though careers stemming from them occupy a great percentage of the marketplace and economy. With that, what's probably coming to mind is that more funding goes into sports because they require a greater amount. 

Well, that's mostly inaccurate considering that for most of the arts program teachers are paying for 60% of the supplies and the students make up for pretty much what else is required(). This may not be viewed as a significant concern but it is something that unquestionably needs to be addressed because it’s affecting the student body as a whole. Around 98% of students will take some form of an art course through high school because the majority of schools have set it as a graduation requirement. Whereas sports only include a smaller fraction of the student population when compared to a required academic course. 

In addition, it is as equally important to examine the many wonderful benefits of the arts program. Overall studies show that students involved in any of the arts programs have had more rapid growth within academics. Take for example the fact that students who participate in the arts are found to have higher attendance rates(). It's believable that from this graduation rates cohesively increase. These classes call for greater participation while offering outlets for creativity and that's why students


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