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  • Published: 13 August 2020
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A true friend is someone who sticks by your side through everything. Someone who waits for you in that crazy long lunch line. Someone who offers help and advice when you are upset rather than just sitting there hugging you saying, “Oh man, what are you going to do?” Luckily, in our three years of middle school here at SVMS, it has become clear who those friends are and who they will be to us forever. 

We also really want to keep those friends, so we sometimes show our excitement for them in extreme amounts. With a show of hands, how many of you guys have seen The Secret Life Of Pets? The movie where the main character, a dog named Max, sits at the door waiting for his owner to get back every day. Or maybe you’ve just experienced your dog jumping about four feet high every time you walk in the door. Every Monday morning I’m always like those dogs just waiting for my friends to get to school, because yes two days was obviously too long to wait. Especially when you’ve been hanging out with them all weekend. All of my friends and the people who are welcomed by this lovely wakeup call almost every morning are probably a little bit tired of the constant, “Oh my goodness you’re finally hear!”, in a wild mix of screaming and jumping up and down. Then again, you know that they are even better friends when they do it with you.

Over the years, I’ve noticed more and more that friends are like clothes. We all have our favorite shirt, pair of shoes, etc. Those are like our friends who make us look and feel good about ourselves. They also encourage us to the point where it’s like when you look in the mirror, and think, “Man I look good!” We also have those clothes that we know are getting too small but we like them so much that we just put them in a box for safe keeping. We find them years later and try to make them fit again. Sometimes they do and the other times, they don’t. But that’s when you learn to buy the one-size-fits-all clothing. 

SVMS puts on some really amazing events like our dances. Middle school is all really about making new friends and just meeting people in general. I’ve met incredible people who I would have never thought of saying hi to before. 

Throughout middle school and a lot in eighth grade, you go through drama with friends and it’s a bit of a trial and error year. However, we learn from this and it’s happened to the best of us. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.” Thank you so much for your time today.



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