Essay on My Experience in Club Rush

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  • Published: 04 November 2020
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This week I attended Club Rush, where all the clubs gathered together and tried to recruit new members, usually freshmen. Club Rush was a two-day event although I only attended the first day. When I arrived, there were many tables set out and the room was filled with chattering. I was amazed to see how many tables there were, considered each table was for a club. There was a club for certain majors, ethnicities, religions, charities, and many more. I had walked around dripping wet due to the pouring rain when I was walking to the event, so I assumed the event wouldn’t go well, but I was wrong.

I walked around keeping to myself, watching to see if any groups interested me. There was a group called Royal Heroes at the end of one of the rows. There was no explanation for this group, so I assumed it was something I wasn’t interested in. As I walked on I heard a girl come up and ask about the group and the representative started discussing dressing up as characters. Right then, I knew that was my calling, for I make my own costumes and dress up as characters at comic conventions consistently. I went back over to the booth and asked what the group was about even though I overheard a little description already. She explained that they raise money for charity and dress up as characters to go talk to children in hospitals. I thought this was fitting for me because I could make my own costumes and join the group to make kids feel better. I signed up and continued on hoping I would find something just as interesting. 

As I walked on I found another group that sparked my geeky interests. An anime and manga group. I went up to the representative and exclaimed that I was excited there was a group that was as geeky as I am. The representative said they watch movies and play games, I mean what’s a better way to relax and have fun?  I signed up for this group and moved on.

Then I found something unexpected. A sword fighting and fencing club. The club was about reading old sword fighting techniques and trying to recreate them. I’ve always wanted to learn how to use a sword, so it would be cool to join and finally learn. I signed up for this group as well.

There were other groups that sparked my interest, but they weren’t quite as interesting as the others mentioned before. There was a psychology, animal rights, graphic design, and artist support group that I signed up for as well. These were ones I was considering but wasn't sure about attending. All in all, it was a really fun experience and I can’t wait to go experience club meetings throughout my college career. Just this Friday, after the event, I went to my first meeting and had an absolute blast! I know that the other clubs will be just as fun.