Narrative Essay Example About My Spiritual Journey

Narrative Essay Example About My Spiritual Journey
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📌Published: 16 September 2021

My religious background all began with the opportunity to choose what I thought was best for me. My father is Christian and my mother is Catholic, while they both believe in two  different religions  we spoke as a family and decided that it’s best I choose what I feel most  connected to. While given a choice I had already begun going  to mass with my mom and brother. From there I decided that I felt most connected to becoming catholic I began my education right after.

I reached my current understanding about my religion from my past Catholic school and relatives. I went to a public school but I also went to Sunday school to complete my holy sacraments, the holy communion being the second.  While in Sunday school this is where I learned a lot about my religion and its meaning. I was previously given some education before attending the school so I had a clear understanding at a young age. My mother and grandmother both played a major role in getting me to my current understanding. Although my father is Christian he also believes in God. Having that similarity we try to incorporate showing our appreciation towards our religion. For example, everytime we eat, even when dining in at a  restaurant, we pray. Although having another  meal is simple to others, to us it is something special because you just never know when something may be it’s last. 

Growing up  I had a very happy upbringing but there always seemed to be conflicting situations that made it difficult to even be with each other. Being religious during those times always made me closer to what I believe in. It was when I saw some signs or a breakthrough that made me have a stronger faith and hope. An experience that I hold dearly and will forever be grateful for is my car accident with my mom in March of this year. My mom was supposed to let me drive alone for the first time out of Bakersfield and although Tulare isn't that far it was late at night. Celebrating my best friend's twenty-first birthday I had to go. It was a dark road with very little light which was odd since there were an immense amount of trees that surrounded the area. While making a left turn a drunk driver going three times the speed limit  t-boned us and left our car in pieces. Both my mom and I were  unconscious for a bit until I heard a faint voice calling for help. There is where I began to pray, my mom wouldn’t wake up and is then when I thought I lost my mom right in my arms. The ambulance came and they had to use a chainsaw  to get her out since she was pinned. Many weeks of surgery and therapy she is learning how to walk again. But the craziest thing that I hold closest to me was one my mom surviving the accident which professionals say that she shouldn’t have due to the impact. Secondly, I walked away from the severity of the crash without anything broken and very few scratches as if nothing happened. Professor Lamas, I truly believe my guardian angels and the lord himself along with my deceased grandparents who I was very close to shielded us from what could have ended in death. There are many experiences that included our family.  Including my father having a near death experience on his job site, almost being crushed in between two columns that really opened my eyes  to see how much of a presence the holy spirit can really show, you are never alone, even in your darkest moments.

Being a part of this community to me has always been joyful. Even being around strangers I don’t know somehow always makes me feel better and welcomed. I find the signs when given are so comforting it’s a feeling I really can’t understand or explain. There are moments where I fear for my future as all I want to do is make my parents proud and help and save someone's life. I truly wonder if what I aspire to be is going to be achievable. Am I smart enough? Financially is it possible? Will I get in? Are some of the few things that I think of when I have my moments.  I went into work as usual and a lady I have never met was so kind to me saying how sweet and humble I was because of my customer service. After positively speaking to the owner and manager is when I thought of my angels or an answer trying to come through. As she spoke in spanish without bringing up my future that whatever I aspire to be I would pass without hesitation. That because of my loving personality I would have many doors open to  successful opportunities and wished many blessings. I think those kinds of experiences always freak me out because I was having a moment the night before and without telling her anything personal she gave me peace.

To conclude my spiritual journey my family, institution, upbringing all contributed to my current understanding. Someone I admire and hold close to is the father John from my institution at Christ the king Church. He always has a way of making mass so fun yet educational with his funny personality. Although it was an educational setting apart from  a church,  instructors had so much patience with us children.  I mentioned a couple of  those who contributed but I also believe,  life and those who surround me daily have been of great inspiration.

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