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Did you know that more than 6 million children across the U.S. attend camp every year? I can definitely believe that. My church camp has left many impactful and important memories. I do not think that I could go without church camp. Each year I come home thinking, ¨Why did it have to end so quickly?¨ That is why I have chosen a day in church camp as my important memory.

When I arrive at camp, the first thing I see is the cloudless blue sky that looks like a blue sea, with the sun shining brightly over the sign-in table. I get my cabin name and excitedly begin to walk down the hill to unpack. My favorite part of this is hearing the rattle of the suitcase as it moves over the bumpy pavement as I walk down the hill. I know when I hear this sound, there will be a fun week ahead of me. I see my brown cabin, that looks a bit aged and dusty from being there so long. It is surrounded by trees that are very tall and provide a shady path for us to walk on.

I reach forward to open the door and hear the loud squeak of the hinges as it opens. It smells like bug spray, but it is a welcoming smell. I watch as everyone is plugging in their fans due to the hot, sticky weather outside. The sound is familiar, and every time I hear fans, I always think back to camp. I put my suitcase in my cubby, and began to climb onto my bunk to make my bed. I hear the wood loudly squeak and creak as I tuck my sheets into each corner.

I smooth my bed out until I think it is neat and aesthetic. The blankets look as if they had never had a crease in their life. The blanket was soft, like one of the fluffiest clouds from the pure heaven above. I look at the rails of my bed and see sloppy signatures from past campers when they were in camp. I take a look around one last time before I go outside and see all the unfamiliar faces by their wooden beds and bunks, knowing that they will all be familiar to me by the end of the week.

I step outside to feel the warmth of the hot sun soaking into my tan skin. I walk up to the Newcomb court and hear my Chaco shoes as they crunch into the grass as I take each step forward. It is a large gray concrete court surrounded by green tall trees. We go there to play our favorite camp game. After talking to some of my friends, I begin to walk to the campfire.

The Descriptive Part

The campfire, the highlight of camp. There are many long cedar logs to sit on. The campfire is in the middle of the circle of logs. I hear my feet as they crunch the tiny gravel around the campfire. This place has many memories, some good, and some bad. It smells like leftover fire from the night before, it has a smokey wood smell. I can almost taste the scrumptious smores when I look at where the fire will be. We come to the campfire every night to worship.

I sit on a log and feel the tiny wood pieces that poke out from the log as they touch my legs. My log is under the shade of the tree and I appreciate the smell of the smoky campfire. A few feet away is my camp director smiling her white teeth from ear to ear and greeting people. She announced our camp groups and let us meet them.

Then we go to lunch, the smell of the chocolate dessert lingers in the air. I hear my stomach let out a loud growl. I eat pizza with sides and dessert. The pizza tasted as if someone from Italy had shipped a pizza to the camp, it was so good. The desert was chocolaty and slightly rich. We walk back down to the cabin for siesta, which is a glorious nap after lunch. I hear the birds sing a beautiful melody. After siesta, we play games and see our camp groups.

At dinner, as I walk on the squeaky ramp, I smell yummy spaghetti and zesty garlic. I see the strawberry jello cake with the swirled whipped cloudlike topping. It tasted so sweet that I felt like I needed to eat the saltiest pretzels to overcome it. After dinner, we hang out at the Newcomb court and talk until worship time. I see a horde of people walk toward the campfire. We sing a worship song and it sounds so angelic with everyone in perfect melody.

As the sun went down the fire looked so bright. It was as if someone had put a spotlight on it. I could see the glow on the campers faces from ranging colors of bright orange, radiant reds, and happy yellows. All that was heard was the soft crackling of the fire and the soft shuffle in the gravel as one shifted their feet. The camp group that did worship did an amazing job, and then they opened the campfire up for people to speak about struggles and joys in their lives.

As people spoke, the fire danced as it absorbed each person's struggles and sent them toward Heaven along with the smoke. The glowing embers moved in rhythm with the flames. It was as if the fire charmed and calmed everyone's worries. After the powerful campfire, we all went to sleep to the sound of fans and whispers.

In conclusion, church camp is an important memory to me because of all the amazing experiences I have had there. From the day that I arrive at camp, to meals, meeting friends, and most importantly campfire, it gives me wonderful memories. I love getting to see everyone open up and share at the campfire. There is a reason why 6 million children attend camps, and that is due to memories.



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