Essay On Twins: Are They Always Similar?

I know two brothers who are totally opposite from each other and have some similarities. I have known them for fourteen years and they are my brothers. Their names are Kyari and Kyvon. The best comparison of the two would be that they love to play video games. It gets to the point which they will fight over who gets to play first. Whenever I am home all I would hear was them arguing about who played the game the longest that day and this would happen every single day. Opposingly, they are very different when it comes to personality and attitude. 

Kyari is not your average pre-teen. He likes to play with other people’s intellect in order to have fun. If he sees that you are not close to his intelligence or smarter he will treat you as if you are not worthy to be around him. He also is very mean and sinister. I once saw him put water on the floor just so he could see someone fall. He likes to see others in pain and will laugh like he is at a stand-up comedy show. Kyari also has a good side. He likes to have fun with people he knows well and will be a totally different person. On a bad note, Kyari will use this to his advantage whenever he needs something from someone or feeling like a good person that day .

Kyvon, who is the same age as Kyari, is more of a kind person rather than cold hearted. He loves when others show him love and affection which in turn he gives it right back. I have never seen him without a smile on his face and will always have a good time when I am around him. Kyvon likes to laugh a lot and make jokes to lighten the mood or just to have fun. He also has an dark side too like his brother Kyari. This would only show when he gets mad at someone or is not feeling good.

Likewise, Kyari’s attitude matches his personality. He has a very smart mouth and does not care about what he says or who he talking to. Kyari will say how he feels about something or someone aloud so that everyone near him can hear it. One day as we were walking in the grocery store and he spots a dude about 5’4, wearing dirty clothes, and had a bad odor coming from him. He walked up towards the guy and stated that he should leave the store so that it would no longer smell like a trash can. I was so shocked when he told this random guy that and had to forcefully get him out of the store. He then later laughed about the whole situation and told me he would do it again.

On the contrary, Kyvon has a positive attitude anywhere he goes. There would be times when he could not get a certain pair of shoes or the newest video game that came out and he would never be sad about it. He is a very humble person. Kyvon would never disrespect someone for no reason unlike Kyari. He will rather give out compliments to people and make them feel special and good about themselves than hurt their feelings. I doubt that he even says mean stuff in his head , but you never know what others are thinking.

To sum up, Kyari and Kyvon are totally different when it comes to attitude and personality. One likes to see others down and say mean things to people while the other is like an angel from heaven who will always lift your spirit up. This shows how everyone is different in their own way. Even twins who came from the same womb are very opposite in character. I would think that they should also have many things in common, but that is for another story.



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