Essay on Memories: Why Are They So Important to Us

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  • Published: 02 May 2021
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Memories; aren’t they great to have? Sometimes there are just parts you wish you could forget. My trip to Washington Dc was a very memorable one; where we visited all the popular places, spent time with family and our hotel experience was something we did not want to remember. Let’s talk about what we enjoyed first. On the first few days we were there we focused on visiting the historic places. Our first stop was the Smithsonian which was great as soon as we walked in everyone was like “wow” and “whoa” there was just so much to look at. I remember specifically there was this huge elephant in the middle of the floor and I also remember there was an aircraft hanging down from the ceiling.

We also visited the white house and the capitol hill but at this time Obama was still president. After all that walking me, my mom and other two sisters we went to this great spa the next day. It was so calming, and they also were super nice. When we were done at the spa the boys met up with us, and we got on a cruise dinner that took us around to see some nice buildings, and we watched fireworks while we ate. The next couple of days we kept it steady, but we also still had some fun. We spent some time with my cousins and aunt that lived in Dc. We did a little shopping at all the different malls they had. My aunt showed us around her neighborhood because she just moved in.

We went to her backyard where we ate dinner and shared stories, they shared stories about my father’s childhood. We looked through old pictures of him when he was living there. My cousins brought up the idea to make s’mores. So we went to a nearby grocery store to get the graham crackers, marshmallows, and the chocolate then we came back and had a little campfire. Later that night we barely slept we stayed up all night just watching movies back-to-back. 

Here comes the bad part of our trip, the hotel. Before we booked this hotel, they had great ratings, so we were comfortable booking it and the only reason that we got a hotel was because we didn’t want to bother our family even though we know they would be happy for us to stay with them for a couple of days. As soon we got there, we already knew it wasn’t going be good. We just had a gut feeling. There was a strong cigarette smell and when my dad talked to the front desk, they said, “no there shouldn’t be no smell it’s a nonsmoking room” and went on to say there was nothing she could do. The hotel had a target that was nearby, so we went to go get some air freshener and scent plugins for the room which really didn’t work we could still smell the cigarette smell.

My siblings and I couldn’t really deal with the smell, so we left to the pool. When we were swimming, we saw the pool had many cracks at the bottom of it. So, we just got out and hung out around there for a while. A couple of hours goes by we started to get hungry and the hotel had a dinner buffet, so we went to get some food, their food was edible it just didn’t have much flavor, so we had to add our own seasonings. It was getting dark, so we went back to our room and took a shower after that we tried to watch some tv, but they only had like 5-10 channels, and they were mainly all news channels.

We were like teens back then, so we didn’t want to watch the news. We were so bored so eventually, we made our way to bed, and we couldn’t even do that. I don’t know if they were working on construction in another room, but it was so loud. We opened our door to look out and the other people that were staying there were also wondering what the loud noises were. The noises went on for a long time eventually; we couldn’t take it anymore, and we all got our things, paid the early leave fine and just left. When we went back to see the ratings that we see previously that were good, come to find out the date they were posted it was from when they first opened. Well so here it is my memorable trip to Washington Dc. I had so much fun visiting all the popular places and spending time with family. Even though our hotel experience was bad it won’t stop us from going back to Washington Dc, we just won’t be back to that hotel. They didn’t get a good rating from us. Everything else about the trip was great. We’re planning on going back to Washington again this summer.



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