Essay About Life: Ferris Wheel

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  • Published: 25 August 2020
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Life is like a Ferris Wheel. This is an idea I’ve come across while reading Tuck Everlasting, and it is an idea that I’ve found to be more and more true throughout the years. Everyone is a single spoke on the wheel of life. As the wheel rises, life begins, and as it slowly dips down, slowing to a stop, life is reaching its end. But then it starts all over again, new people and new generations. The majority of us have started our wheel of life here at Union Ridge, a place that isn’t really a school at this point. It’s a second home, one where we can talk to new people, where we can really be ourselves.

One where we can tell our friends our problems, and one where we can listen to others’ and give advice. In preschool, I know many of us remember learning our numbers and days of the weeks, wondering how on earth we’ll ever learn the order of the ABC’s. It seemed such a huge feat at the time to just remember the first five letters, but we did it. We were soon able to form words, and after that, write things down, and then learn what everything means and how it all pieces together, actually being able to communicate with people. We learned how to tell time, to learn how to make decimals from fractions and the other way around. We learned from our mistakes, learning more and more throughout the years, soon enough being able to converse with others and become more and more like an intelligible human being. And so ends the first small portion of this great ride called ‘Life’.

We’ve come so far. Now we learn complicated math and stuff in language arts that as children we never thought we’d need. Our heads hurt at the end of long days and all we really want is for nap-time to be back. All of us have goals in life, whether it’s to go to college, or not. We will be successful people because of the things Union Ridge has taught us. We can be whatever we want; some of us will be engineers, while others might just work in an office all day.

Some of us will have big dreams of changing the world, finding the next big thing, while some of us are content to be stay at parents and that’s it for them. Sometimes dreams don’t work out, and we reach the end of that Ferris wheel feeling just a little bit like our life is incomplete. But that’s all okay. Most of us will feel pretty good at the end of our high school years, and those who want to will go into college feeling nervous, and leave still feeling nervous for the new chapter of our lives. 

Union ridge has been our home. Whether it’s been for one year, or for ten, I know I speak for everyone when I say that we had an amazing and impactful time here. None of us could have really imagined that we’d see a school like our second home, but we do. Everyone has had their days where they don’t even feel like getting out of bed and they don't want to come to school. That’s natural. But it’s only been one stage of the Ferris wheel. The wheel keeps turning, and now it’s time for a new part of our lives to begin.



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