Essay About Experience in Life: The Story of Rodeo Star

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The agitated breathing of the horse. Feeling the heart and adrenaline race with the sting of the wind. Thunderous hoofs galloping around the last barrel; racing to the finish. Over the loudspeaker, the announcer said, “wow 15.369 seconds, that puts Amberley Snyder up on the board with some of the very best in rodeo”. Overcoming all odds and not letting challenges define her, but instead to refine her. Amberley Snyder went from having a normal life to becoming one of the most inspiring speakers in the united states.

At the age of seven, Amberley was given a barrel racing horse. Right after that, she found her niche in rodeo. She had a great communication and connection with her horse. With that she won many competitions in barrel racing, pole bending, breakaway roping, and goat tying. In Amberley's adolescent years, she was very active in Future Farmers of America, and in 2010 was elected the Utah Future Farmers of America state president. As she was getting ready for competing in college rodeo she was preparing for a big change.

January 10, 2010 she was on her way to the Denver stock show and rodeo. looking down at her map in Sinclair, Wyoming she had faded into the other lane. When she looked up, she overcorrected herself and the truck slid off the road, rolled, and she was ejected from her truck. Slamming into a fence post, breaking her back, and immediately losing feeling in her legs. Stuck for an hour and a half, all she could do was scream. After a passerby stopped and called 911, the ambulance came and supported her back to (hospital she was taken too). She was never to have function in her legs again.

At first she wanted to prove the doctors wrong. However, she was struggling with being able to even stand up. She started missing rehab and giving up on life. Some time later, her father brought in a saddle and they placed it on wood. He said that “you learned balance in the saddle rather than on your legs.” Amberley gained her confidence back right after that. She would go out at night and do her rehab exercises by herself in order to get out faster. It only took 3 months to get back up on her horse and ride again.

In 2018, she got her masters degree in school counseling from Utah state university. She goes around helping people and encouraging people about goal setting, fear, attitude, stepping out of comfort zones, perseverance, and resilience. Speaking to many different age groups such as all school years, athletic programs, business, disability awareness, and fundraisers. Inspiring many around the United States.

Even with relearning how to live her life, Amberley Snyder didn’t let being broken stop her from what she wanted to do; Walk, ride, rodeo.



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