Celebrating My Birthday Essay Example

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  • Published: 05 July 2020
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I had never been happier in my entire life. It was my birthday and I was finally turning fifteen. I invited my two best friends, Liv and Chloe, to come over and have a bonfire with me. We gossiped about our boy troubles and ate some hot dogs, I could see the fire flicker in both of their eyes as we talked. My dad came out holding two plates, “You can’t have a bonfire without S’mores,”he said and we all cheered in agreement. The plates were filled with marshmallows, chocolate bars and gram crackers. My mouth watered just by looking at the delicious ingredients.

After a while of us staring my dad finally said, “Well, what are you all waiting around for? Go get some S’mores,” and with that we all scrambled over one another to get our marshmallows. When my marshmallow was cooked I started assembling my S’more. I was just about to take a bite when my dad asked me to wait and disappeared inside the house. My dad eventually came back out holding a candle in one hand and a lighter in the other. We all laughed as my dad struggled to make the candle stand up on the S’more, after a while he finally gave up and decided to hold the candle while we sang Happy Birthday.

When we all had stuffed our stomachs as much as we could we settled down and relaxed to watch a movie on the garage. I looked over at my twin siblings and smiled, they smiled back, their faces still covered in S’mores. Luna, my Huskie jumped up on my lap during the movie practically crushing me in the process. After the movie was over Liv and Chloe left to go home. My family and I were so tired that we just brought the food in and said we would pick the rest up the next day. That night we went to bed with the fire still burning.

Waking Up

I woke startled. Still in a daze, I looked around my bedroom. A sound pierced my ears, my dog was barking at the top of her lungs, but it was no use the alarm was to loud. Thoughts coursed through my brain, Was I still dreaming? What was happening? Is my family okay? What time was it? I looked at the alarm clock It read: 1:36 AM. Thoughts were starting to piece together like puzzle pieces in a jigsaw. My mind finally came to a conclusion, the house was on fire.

I could hear my brother and sister screaming from the other room, I grabbed the emergency backpack that my parents and I made just for this reason it contained a walkie talkie that every person in the house could hear, a sweatshirt, an extra blanket, batteries, emergency cash, first aid kit and a flashlight. I also grabbed my phone off of the bedside table and my dog then ran to the door. CRASH! My eyes bounced across the room trying to locate the source of the sound. Finally, I noticed what had happened debris from the house had fallen right in front of my door. I was trapped.

I knew I was going to have to go out the window, but how? I was on the second floor, if I jumped I’d break a bone. I decided to lower my dog out of the window, as soon as she was close enough to the ground I let go. Luckily, she landed on her feet. I slowly climbed out of the window and walked on a ledge to get to my sibling's room. My knees trembled as I slowly inched closer to my siblings’ window. I could hear sirens. Help I thought, Help is coming.

I felt something slowly go down my cheek and I realized I was crying, I was so scared I was crying. When I got to the window I banged on it to get their attention, they opened it for me and I climbed inside. When I got inside, they ran to me and gave me a hug. I told them my plan, I could tell they were scared, but they still nodded in agreement. It was time to get the plan into action.

Getting Out

We all grabbed our emergency backpacks and I climbed out the window into the night. The leaves were shivering in the wind. I slowly slid my body to the point that I was hanging off the ledge. I tried to readjust myself to get my feet as close to the ground as possible and then I let go. My knees buckled when I hit the ground and I fell. I quickly got back up and brushed myself off, “Ava, your turn,” I said. Ava got into the hanging position and I reached up to catch her when she let go. When she was safely on the ground next to me, I called up for Daniel. He got down the same way as Ava and soon enough Luna, Ava, and Daniel were all next to me. We ran to the front of the house just as the Firefighters pulled in.

Daniel looked up at me and asked “Where’s mom and dad, Ally?” I looked up at the house, hoping that we’d see them running out, but nothing happened. No I thought, It can’t be. I tried my best to fight back tears. A Firefighter came up to me and my siblings and started asking us questions, but before they could finish I interrupted them and told them that our parents were still inside. They said that we shouldn’t worry because they were sending in firefighters to search the house, but before they could go inside two silhouettes came running out of the house.

They’re alive, I thought. They ran to us and we all huddled together hugging one another. I watched as the firefighters put out the fire. They explained that because we neglected to put out the fire last night it spread to the house and that’s why the fire started. We all stared up at the black broken shack that used to be our home. “What do we do now?” asked Ava as she clenched her stuffed bunny rabbit. My mom stroked Ava’s hair and replied, “I’m not sure sweetheart, but I’m sure if we stick together we’ll get through this”



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