Softball World Series: My Columbus Trip Essay Example

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  • Published: 18 July 2020
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Beep! Beep! I woke up as I heard other cars honking around me, my funny softball friend Zoey was sitting beside me and my dad was driving. I rolled down my window, and the scolding hot air blew in the car. We were almost at Columbus, Ohio, for my Softball World Series. Little did I know my trip to Columbus, Ohio, was a place I will never forget.

When I first arrived at Columbus, we went to the ballpark, and I had to take part in the skills competition, the ballpark had thirty one fields, so we had to walk a lot just to get to the field. The skill I was in is around the horn, and I was pitching. My team did pretty well, but we didn’t win that skill. After the skills competition we went back to the hotel, and I played pool with my tall friend Mady. She beat me, but it was still fun trying to beat her.

“Ava get up it's six o’clock and time to get ready,'' said my dad.I was as tired as a college student on a Monday morning and exhausted because I stayed up all night playing cards. We headed to the ballpark. When we got there, we had to warm up and get our picture taken. I bought the picture and it looks stupendous, every girl on my team had a mad serious face on. We were all as nervous as we are on a pop quiz yet excited because we have never played on turf before.

It was time for our first game and everyone was ready, we faced the Fort Wayne Freeze 12u. My team didn’t do too good the first game. We were doing well but our team started falling apart and we ended up losing. I played shortstop the whole game and I batted first. It was still a good game and everyone had fun playing on turf. Later on that day we played 1 more game and lost by four, we thought we were going to win but we had a bad inning.

The next morning we had a game against the team that the Ohio's fastest pitcher played on. My team was a s brave as a lion and we did pretty well hitting the ball and we fielded well but we let 2 runs score off of a good hit to the outfield. We ended up losing, but we did very good. My whole team was devastated and sad because that was our last game together. After we all had said goodbye, we went back to the hotel and I played pool with my friend Mady, this little crazy girl took over our game and took millions of pictures on my phone so we just went back to our rooms and went to sleep. The next morning we headed home.

Overall my trip to Columbus, Ohio was amazing. I learned so many new things and had a lot of fun with my team. Even though it was really sad because I might not ever get to see my team again it was still something I will never forget. I learned that teammates mean a lot to you and trying new things makes you better. My 2018-2019 softball team is one I will never forget.



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