Definitions of Love in Songs Essay Example

When someone asks us about love we all are struck for a moment and will think about what is love. Each person has their meaning of love. Some may say love never exists. And, here are some artists who give their definition of love in their songs. Let's see my favourites among those songs,

1. Trivia: Love 

Trivia: love is a song by RM of BTS. In this song, he tells us love is something natural and happens in every little thing and he feels love is something that makes us human and live. 

In Korean, the word for people is 시람 (salam), and the word for the action of loving (to love, as a verb or as a noun) is 시랑 (sarang). Only a one letter difference, just like the English words love and live is a letter apart. RM's wordplay made people amuse by his thought process.

2. Love Yourself

Love yourself by Justin Beiber will never get old. Looking at the title one may think that the lyrics must be about loving oneself before loving any other. If you are one of the people who think like that, well sorry to say that It's not what the lyrics are about. The lyric is all about blaming her ex after their breakup. He talks about how his friends and mom didn't like her but he still loved her and he recognised that they are right. And he says that he isn't still over her but soon he'll get over her. However, the song is perfect for a breakup and is loved for its catchy tunes.

3. I think I'm in love again

I think I'm in love again is sung by kat Dhalia. I don't know how many people are aware of this song but it's my favourite. I would suggest you listen to this song when you have a crush on someone. This song portrays how someone feels when they are in love. She tells she feels like a kid once again and tells how her views change since she fell in love. This song would bring us to think about the love we never had.

4. Someone you loved

Someone you loved is a song by Lewis Capaldi. This song relates to all of us as when we take someone for granted let it be our parents, friends, partner, relatives and later coming to know their worth when they are not with us anymore. This song talks about how his life has changed after his breakup. He says the pain he is going through is the same as before but when she used to be with him he never felt that more pain. In the line "Now the day bleeds Into nightfall And you’re not here" he tells that he had been waiting all day for her but she never returns. Now he reflects on his old self where he took her for granted and regret it. And because of all of his mistakes, he now only was able to numb his pain only by dreaming of her. This song will help you during breakout sessions after your breakup.

5. Love Story

Finally, Love Story by Taylor Swift. People who don't like Romeo Juliet's sad climax should listen to this song for an alternative ending. Watching this mv make you live in the story. This masterpiece was born when Taylor's parents disapproved of her relationship in her 17. She felt that she was relatable to Romeo Juliet except for the tragic end. She just wants to give the happy ending for her favourite love story which turned to be The Love Story that we all like.


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