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Over the years there have been countless numbers of research regarding employee recruitment. Finding and hiring the right people for your business requires in-depth preparation, thorough execution, and a clear understanding of your hiring objectives. The recruitment process has changed a lot in the past decade. Nowadays, when recruiting employees, you should follow a list of steps in the process to help you make the right decisions in addition to your team. These steps can be found in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. However, “In the first handbook recruitment was hardly mentioned. Refer to the second book published to see recruitment being covered over an entire chapter”. (Research on Employee Recruitment). Another major aspect of recruiting is having a good human resource management in the company. Why? Because human resource recruitment is one of the top important functions, it causes a great impact on growth and profit for companies.

As well as, helps the companies hire the employees needed for certain skills. From the list of applicants that have applied for the position, by following the list if steps found in the Organizational Psychology second handbook. Lastly, ten percent of all jobs can be found in media ads, this is a good way to let people know about job openings. Media ads have popped over the recent past years, thanks to all the new technology. Making the recruitments main goal to reach the public’s attention more and more effective. Media helps by getting the word out to people who might be qualified or who may not be and just need to go through a training process. Nine times out of ten these people are looking for a job but did not know about any job openings until seeing or hearing about the jobs in the ads. Believe it or not, this is beneficial, and a number of recruiters find their best employees through social networks, career and job fairs, or through other, media advertisement. Some examples would be websites, commercials, newspaper articles, and hearing ads on radio stations.

Current Model

In recent studies of recruitment, we expect to see more and new research to be done over the years. With improvements in how we study the process and with a better knowledge of understanding recruitment. Recently in the recruiting world companies are using pictures, and small video clips to show and inform individuals about their company. In a recent study done last year, a recruiting team called MailChimp based out of Atlanta. Started to explore by making an Instagram business account to let their new recruiters see exactly what wait’s them. “MailChimp shares videos and pictures on their account that is true to who they are, and what their employees are all about.” (Using Pictures To Tell A Story). Another media advertisement mentioned by MailChimp is snapchat. “Based on research snapchat has roughly one hundred and eighty-eight user’s worldwide. Snapchat is used most by users ranging from age eighteen to twenty-four” (Using Pictures To Tell A Story).

The statistic of age is reported on a daily basis of usage. For companies trying to reach workers straight out of high school or college. This would be a great source to do so. During this sort of social media recruitment, the companies human resource department is responsible for a number of important aspects. Such as measuring the “media’s channel of influence of all phases in the recruiting funnel” (Using Pictures To Tell A Story). Another important aspect is to check how many followers the business account receives and how many of them are interacting with the company. When posting a story rather it is on Instagram or snapchat. The human resource has to monitor how many people view every story and keep up with the data. To sum up, individuals interested in job applications can fill them out and turn them in on social media sites. However, this does not apply for every company, but is available for some companies. The “human resource becomes in charge of tracking the number of applications received through the social channels” (Using Pictures To Tell A Story). It’s a lot of work but an effective way. Using in-depth participation of the companies hiring objectives. 

In another recent research study called Ready Set Jump, Jennifer Carpenter who is one of the global heads in recruiting. Discuses, how resumes are weaving out exceptional employees of getting the job. “she says, because most resumes do not tell employers what all they need to know” for example “information about creativity, willingness to work hard, and love of learning” (READY, SET, JUMP!). She believes this is the most important when trying to evaluate someone’s potential. For instance, if a business has two resumes and both individuals are similar. It would be a tough decision to decide what an individual deserves to get the job based on the resume. Especially if the job requires the company to know the potential of each of its employees.

The two resumes are similar, but this does not mean that each person has the same potential as the next person. This is a perfect example of why hiring people takes in-depth participation and can be exhausting. Maybe in the future, we will no longer see the use of resumes, however, we will not see this to happen anytime soon. Speaking of resumes, we should know there are three kinds. First chronological, when you list jobs in order from beginning to recent. Second functional, the organization of jobs by skills required to perform them. Third psychological, start with professional strengths to capitalize on the effect. Even though there are different sorts of resumes. Jennifer’s statement about seeing the use of resumes disappear could be true for the future.  Also, in the article, a man by the name of Tim who is the head of a resource staffing firm explains his view on human resource managers. From mentioned in previous pages we know how important human resources can be. But “Tim believes that human resource members are lazy” (READY, SET, JUMP!). Because of the fact of requiring future employees to have college degrees. He sees this as a filter to weave out individuals in the job world. By setting requirements, this is making the human resource departments jobs easier. We see this now in recent research, and we will continue to see more jobs becoming easier over the years. Not just in the employee recruiting world but also in other fields of work. 

Future Research

What should be expected to see in the future of employee recruitment, we should see some improvement in the steps taken. For future research, we need to “understand and do studies with the complexity of the recruitment process” (Research on Employee Recruitment).  Maybe even an updated approach in how the recruiters handle their jobs. For example, in the past recruiters have had problems getting back to individuals who submitted job applications. “The recruiters did not do this in a timely manner and have learned from mistakes” (The Oxford handbook of personnel assessment and selection). In the future, this will be one of the great quantities we should see improvement in to help the recruiters as well as businesses. Another future direction that should be taken is how people in companies handle recruitment methods.

The main methods needed to see improvement is external recruitment. Because recruiters mix “employment agencies, job advertisements, job fairs, and web sites and treat them as formal methods” (The Oxford handbook of personnel assessment and selection). Then view individuals referred by “current employees, direct applicants, interns, and rehired former employees” (The Oxford handbook of personnel assessment and selection). We see them labeled as informal methods. The two methods of formal and informal should not be mixed. This can cause confusion for the recruitment team. We can even see in the Industrial and Organizational Psychology book the two categories are in the same chapter but are not combined into one. We still have a number of questions regarding employee recruitment. Everyone hopes to see answers in future research, along with improvements. All of us are aware, with all the technology that recruiting is going to have a dramatic change. As the future arrives, all of the problems experienced now should be an easy fix. As the years go by employee recruiting will turn to media. We should see more of a decline in newspapers, people applying in person, direct mail, and wanted ads. The future holds plenty of new ways of researching employee recruitment, and for solving all our questions.


To Conclude, recruiting employees is a broad topic with a great amount of information. From learning about the recruiting process to the human resource department to social media ads and lastly future research. Now everyone has better insight and can see how much work goes into recruiting employees and how many people are involved. Just from small amounts of research, it is clear to see the change over the years. Recruiting is a topic that will grow for years to come. Because the business field is in a world that revolves around media, with that being said predict for the future media to continue to rise. As mentioned in previous pages we’ve seen media being a great source for recruiting employees. It is as simple as using a device billions of people worldwide use on a daily basis. Amazingly over the years we now have access to job information at the tips of our fingers. My specific recommendations for future employee recruiters would be to try their best when hiring new applicants. Maybe even go further in dept then just focusing on resumes of future employees. That way the company knows for sure they’re getting the best of the best employees. Also, future recruiters if in the human resource department need to not be as lazy.

Be sure to do the job to the fullest aspects, to keep people over the department satisfied. Lastly my suggestion is to be a-wear of change stay on top of your toes, know what to expect by doing research. Check into the media ads to know what the company is most focused on. All and all when recruiting employees, understand implications in future employees. As well as employees that are already apart of the team no person is perfect and mistakes are made even in the workplace. For example, when playing on a sports team if the team loses a game. The implication is not that just one person on the team is held responsible because as a team we know everyone has a part. This is how the example relates to employee recruitment. Everyone on the recruiting team has a part to be filled and are responsible for their actions. No matter the part even if it is recruiting, human resource, Ads, reviewing resumes.



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