What is My Purpose of Life Essay Example

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  • Published: 18 April 2021
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My motive in life is to help. Help, in the sense of which inspires others to create peace through medical interactions. I have had the desire to pursue medicine, specifically orthopedic surgery ever since I was little. It was like a continuous motivating engine that kept moving and allowing me to become the woman that I am today.  Through my attribute of science and technology service, I received the Triple C Award, recognizing my “courage, character and commitment in my daily life at home and in school”. But I consider myself as being a health seeker, and one that happens to being awarded for what I enjoy doing with all my heart- making awareness and aiding in modern medical issues. 

It began in 2018; I joined the 1796 Robotigers Robotics team, with the mindset to continue my aspirations with learning about the different ways mechanical engineering aids health. I look back and think today, that this was one of the most significant turning points in my life. I looked around anxious, waiting for the email of whether I was accepted into the team, and for a split-second, my heart stopped; my eyes glared at the screen and the words bolded were written, “Congratulations”.  This began a new chapter in my life full of excitement, and the adrenaline rush of joy and unlimited innovation. The mission for what to do was clear, to complete building a robot that functions automatically and programmed in the best of ones’ ability six weeks, based on the game’s manual. 

I became so focused, that hours began to feel like seconds, and was reminded to leave school around ten o’clock.  I was invested and passionate about my team, because it was true reflection of my best self- a woman who loves science and technology, and wants to use that aspect with medicine to change the world. When build season ended, competition rolled around, and chills and goose bumps rolled over my sweatshirt all the way to my back, my heart beating fast, because this was it. Everything that I have been working for, restless nights, stressed afternoons, and happiest days was into this one game- one game that determined if all hard work paid off.

 In 2018, the Robotigers Robotics Team won all three of their regionals -Hudson Valley River, Long Island Regional, and New York Regional; additionally winning Chairmen’s award, Judges Award, and Excellence in Engineering Award. As I held my medals, tears and laughter spirited out me, and I couldn’t be prouder of myself.  Along with this accomplishment, came my personal cherished memory being- community outreach, and to spread the significance of STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art and Mathematics) by teaching adolescents the functions and coding of what “CUBE-E” (our robot), is meant to do on the field. The feeling of awareness of science and innovation is truly special, as it is a pathway to a healthier and progressive future.

Today, I share that same passion focused on medicine, as I am working at Coler Goldewater Hospital, through a shadow doctorate program, and appreciate the opportunity that I was given. I would have never acknowledged my love for medicine if I didn’t join 1796. My accomplishments aren’t a definition of who I am, but they are a trademark of the hard work I have endured throughout my toughest times. My mother once told me that Noor means “the brightest light in thin darkness”. I want to be the Noor in ending worldwide traumas, infections, and degenerative conditions. I want to relief, and aid the world through peace and medical technology. My motive in life is to help- help create unity in the world.



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