My Admiration of Martin Luther King Jr Essay Example

My Admiration of Martin Luther King Jr Essay Example
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📌Published: 02 May 2021

It is right to praise those people who have sacrificed their lives for the Civil Rights Movement. I will recognize Martin Luther King jr. for protecting the black community and sacrificing his well-being for the greater good. Even when African-Americans were being  mistreated, the king did not result to violence but instead organized peaceful protests.  Even though Martin Luther was abused and harassed he still lived a life of honor and courage.

King was born in the United States of America where slavery had negatively corrupted America's past while still its present, this allowed King to point America in the right direction. King was born in Atlanta Georgia which was infected with crime and violence,  but fortunately king lead a successful life that later paved the path for him to be one of most well-known people in history. King is part of a rich history of Black Americans that have changed the course of America.  King grew up in a pretty good house hold.  Both his parents worked in a Baptist Church,  but unfortunately King’s dad beat him when he was younger to help him become a stronger man.(Onomatopoeia)Some of King’s neighbors even heard his dad beating him.

Because of the intensity King grew up in he graduated  high school at the age of 14 and started going to Morehouse College at age 15. King was a very successful debater at his school,  because of his speaking ability he won first place at a lot of his debate tournaments.  At a young age King desired to change the way people looked at black community.(Dialogismius)  On a bus ride home King was asked to stand up to make room for a white passenger but refused at first then finally gave in, he said it was the angriest had ever been.

(Synecoche)King was a very smart man his speeches influence many people.  He was the leader of the Civil Rights Movement and was the main person who ended segregation. King helped lead marches after his fourth child was born, and was loyal to ending segregation. (Effictio) He was not always a perfect man but was a strong man.  (Hydrographia)Black Americans never resorted to violence even after being beaten or sprayed by fire hoses.  King always dressed nice to show respect towards both whites and blacks. King after he died left behind a well known legacy that will be known for centuries.  He was the youngest person to win a Nobel Peace Prize, and was the founder of SCLC.  King was one of the main people who influence the creation of the Civil Rights Act, and the end of segregation.  As you can see king that led a very successful life, and changed many people’s lives.

Why would anyone ever want to compare Malcolm X and Martin Luther King jr. together.  Martin Luther wanted to change segregation by peaceful protests, and not resulting to violence. Compared to Malcolm X who thought violence was the only way to end segregation.  War does not bring peace to the world , therefore Martin Luther is superior to Malcolm X.

In all I hope that I have shown you why Martin Luther King should be honored for the way he influenced segregation.


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