My Experience of Social Work Essay Example

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  • Published: 02 May 2021
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My life motto is “be the difference.” With aspirations to assist marginalized communities, I have already proven to be a change agent through my direct practice involvement with disenfranchised and vulnerable populations making me a qualified candidate for a SSW scholarship. In addition to my contribution to the social work field and pay-it-forward mentality, I would like to be considered for a scholarship on the basis of my academic achievement. 

The impact I have made in the social work field is evident. I currently serve as an Energy Intake Worker at Alamance County Department of Social Services. This job has given me the opportunity to intervene with energy crises that confront impoverished individuals and families. I have been able to alleviate critical situations which posed a risk to the health and well-being of my clients through ensuring that they have a heating source in their home. During my internship at the New Arrivals Institute, I organized a university-wide food drive in order to obtain culturally relevant foods for immigrants and refugees in need. Finally, at Burlington Housing Authority I assisted in coordinating a Community Day which featured vendors who offered valuable resources to the residents such as HIV testing and financial literacy advice. These are just a few examples of what I have already accomplished to add value to the social work field. Such contributions exemplify why I am suitable for a scholarship as I plan to use my education to continue helping others. 

My academic merit, on the other hand, shows that I take my education seriously and would produce excellent scholarly work if awarded a scholarship. I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a 4.0 GPA. I am also a member of Phi Alpha Honor Society and Kappa Omicron Nu Honor Society, organizations which recognize notable academic achievements in social work and the human science field respectively. Receiving a scholarship would be worthwhile as my academics reflect nothing short of greatness.

Utilizing my education and experience, my professional goals include becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker practicing specifically with immigrants and refugees in Greensboro to address mental health needs. I intend on working as a clinician in an outpatient facility providing therapy, referrals and resources to a diverse set of clients. Additionally, I would like to work towards producing culturally relevant interventions to diminish health disparities among low-income populations. 

My human services contributions and academic success have truly helped me to live up to my personal motto of being the difference. Therefore, an investment in myself through a scholarship would in turn be an asset to the larger community, making an impact in individual’s lives. Also, a scholarship would place me one step closer to my goal of becoming a culturally competent clinician. I can and will be the difference I am looking for in the social work field.



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