Life is definitely a highway. Driving your Own Car (Essay Example)

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  • Published: 06 September 2021
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Every car has a personality. My brothers bright blue mini-truck portrays his bright mind, spontaneity and stubbornness. My best friends red jeep shows her passion, drive and toughness. On my sixteenth birthday I got a brand-new shiny grey car. As I looked into my car, I realized I was not sure what I saw. I traced my fingers through the steering wheel and asked myself the question humans’ question: “Who am I?” My journey to finding myself had begun and is still in progress today.

The road to finding yourself is a road that takes your entire life. I recognized my struggle to know who I was who I was as an incredible opportunity. To start my journey, I began journaling and writing poetry. I journaled the happiest points of my day to focus on what I needed to maintain positive and mentally happy. I focused on people that made me feel bubbly and happy but helped me grow. I wrote poetry that could be interpreted in many different ways to focus on not being stuck on a problem but to see the many solutions life offers. I also journaled my signature bad traits. This helped me discover what I wanted to change and work on. These sparks of failure helped me rev the engine and advance. 

The path I was on was helping me become stronger. I also began to do things that would make my community happy as well as myself. Every three years since I was about seven, I have donated my hair to an organization that makes wigs for young girls or boys who have lost their hair. Doing this makes me so incredibly happy and is a great reminder that I feel a little less hair on my head, and I need to continue to be giving. I was presented the opportunity to help teach young children how to swim. This has taught me so much about myself and about how people are before they have entered rough terrains such as high school. It has taught me that I am not patient, but I am loving and passionate to helping others learn. Beautiful opportunities like that help me be creative because they have taught me to be thankful and passionate with what I have and what I can do. 

There are definitely days where the streets are bumpy, but I have taught myself to embrace my emotions and that being “too emotional” is not a statement. However, I am still learning about myself, there are things that surprise me, for instance, how I genuinely get upset when people use straws because of my unwilling and embraced love for the environment. But I have learned to learn from others and love like others. I have learned to love as hard as I can because I struggle with remembering to self-love. I say things to others I try to be emotionally conscious because it is what I would expect from others. I am learning to prioritize self-love while still loving others as hard as I possibly can. 

Life is definitely a highway. Learning the complexities of my brain has helped me love myself and others. Looking into my car and questioning myself shaped me into who I am today because it made me hope for better. I hope that I learn more every day and through grit and perseverance become better until I reach the end. Nowadays I look at my car and I see a maturing person. 


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