The Philosophy of Teaching Essay Example

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  • Published: 12 April 2021
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Teaching has been an ideal career and passion of mine for many years. To be more exact, ever since my father re-married a teacher named Jackie back when I was only in fifth grade teaching has been something that I have become more and more familiar with as a career choice. I always see the work, the struggles, and most importantly the joy that come with teaching because of Jackie. I would always try and help out and go to her classroom to assist in the educational environment as much as I could in my free time. In fact, to this day as a sophomore in college I still go into her classroom and truly enjoy the environment I’m surrounded with.

As an educated older role model in the elementary school environment that Jackie works in, I love the joy and excitement that her students get when I come in every now and then to help out. Whether I read a book to the students, teach a small group fractions on flash cards, or just sit in on the class, I love the looks on the student’s faces when I am there to assist my step-mother in her classroom. That along with the impact I know I can have on many children’s lives as an educator are just a few of the many reasons why I would love nothing more than to pursue a career in education.

I am a firm believer that with the right education and help, students can reach their full potential and eventually accomplish any of their dreams and goals in life. It would be my job as a teacher to assist my students in accomplishing that to best of my capabilities. Once I become a teacher and I have the ability to do so, I will make sure that my students get all of the resources they need in order for me to do my part as an educator and role model.

My classroom will be interactive so all students feel comfortable. Whether it is as simple as changing the surroundings or changing my teaching style, my main priority is making sure students in my classroom are comfortable enough to learn and enjoy school. I also believe that assessments for students comprehension and learning should be taken. These tests are more so for myself as a teacher to know what I can improve on or emphasis more on in order for my students to comprehend my teachings to the best of their ability. The students ability to learn is just as important as a teachers ability to teach because without the information and education being passed on from the teacher to the student, the student will not be able to learn and therefor the teacher is not doing his or her job. This is why I will make sure that students are grasping onto what I am teaching them. I will use testing, extra lessons, provide extra help, and do whatever it takes to make sure my students are understanding what I am teaching them. 

Overall with these beliefs alongside my personality and urge to make sure students are enjoying and learning in my classroom, I am certain that I can educate and help students reach their full potential until they are ready to move up to the next grade level where I am sure if the student’s next teachers have the same philosophy as I do then they will succeed too.



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