Essay on the Importance of Higher Education

Essay on the Importance of Higher Education
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📌Published: 12 July 2020

In “In the Basement of the Ivory Tower,” Professor X writes about his perspective on a controversial idea: Should everyone continue to pursue higher education? At first glance, many of us will agree. College education is constantly recognized throughout our life by friends, teachers, and family. This idea will lead us to oppose forbidding anyone a college education or limiting anyone’s options. Although throughout the article Professor X accentuates several students aren’t qualified for college, which leads them to waste their time and money on something that cannot be achieved. Even though the American ideals of furthering your education are praised, higher education is not for everyone. But encouraging these millenniums to at least attempt college has  several benefits.

Throughout the year's community college is seen as a “last resort” for many people. Many of the students on campus are adults with a nine-to-five job and kids. Even with their hectic lifestyles, they have ambitions of going back to school for opportunity, such as, career growth. As Professor X states, the adults will take courses “not because they want but because they must” (2). The academic performance among adults at a community college and younger students attending universities is significantly different. Most of these students don’t want to put the effort to succeed, therefore ultimately failing the course. In fact, they will continue trying to pass the class by repeating it several times, which overall makes the students waste time and money. Attaining a degree in higher education requires an effort that many of these students aren't capable of achieving.

Although persuading the general population to at least attempt college can be useful. America is known as the land of opportunity: The American Dream. This concept emphasizes the importance of hard work and achieving one's goals. America is constantly flourishing and creating several new economic opportunities daily. Professor X states, “Many jobs that never before required college now call for at least some post-secondary course work” (5). Attempting to attend a community college or vocational school for two years can be useful. Having an associate degree will increase chances of job opportunity rather than someone with a high school diploma or GED. Obtaining a good career is an important milestone in life will lead you to success.


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