People and Technology Essay Example

People and Technology Essay Example
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📌Published: 20 August 2020

Technology has continually developed allowing us to communicate instantly and more efficiently. The way of communication has also left people feeling more alone than they ever did before. This leaves me with the question, has technology helped people interact in a better way or just prevented them from coming together in real life? 

Our way of communicating has been through technology for as long as we know it and it could actually be a really good thing. There are many different instances in which this point can be proven. In an article Carrie Steinweg explains that she now uses skype to stay connected to her daughter who recently moved 2,200 miles away. In a way, communicating through technology is the only way to keep in touch with loved ones when they are a long distance away.

Communicating through a type of social media app also gives people the opportunity to cherish those special moments. Another good point was found in an article stating, “Because of technology and social media, these relationships don’t have to dwindle or die.” I fully agree with this statement because there could be a moment when you lose a connection with someone in the real world. Months could go by and you could actually get a chance at reconnecting with that person through technology including a social media app. I also realize that any types of emergencies can happen when least expected and the fastest way to communicate with loved ones is through technology. It is important to also realize that this technology was created for the whole purpose of uniting people together.

On the hand, technology is one of the main reasons people get disconnected with one another. In an article Jordan Lynch asks, “Is our obsession with social media actually making us less able to connect to the real world and the real people that inhabit it?” I can completely understand the point he made in this comment. People are in their own little world when on their phones, this prohibits them from looking up and connecting with loved ones around them. Another statement was made saying, “We are a generation that feels better equipped to have honest, meaningful conversations with complete strangers online than with our closest friends and family.” 

Some say this is okay but the point is it realizes how devoted to the media these people are. They are truly missing out on cherishable moments and can’t realize it because of this piece of technology in front of them. I also realize that people will continue to talk online because of the repeated chances they get to correct or filter themselves and it ultimately ends up taking away from their genuine personality. I think that people become more distant when they begin communicating through technology, they seem to forget what is right in front of them.

All in all, there can be a lot of controversy to whether technology actually helps us connect or disconnect. A great idea could consist of taking a break from your phone and actually connecting with someone to see if it makes a difference in your life.  I’d also like to state that technology is a fantastic and brilliant way of communicating with other people. Although, there is one thing to keep in mind, this technology can never replace the human connections that are built in the real world.


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