Science Research III Course Review

Science Research III Course Review
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📌Published: 31 August 2021

In the last 2 school years, I can say that I am not really interested in Science Research. I remember that I participate in class, I take notes, and I study, but just so I could answer the activities and exams well. After the tests, I will forget almost everything. I'm surprised that this school year, I'm not like that anymore. The first, second, and third quarters have passed, but I can still recall the concepts that were discussed. Remembering formulas is still necessary though, but I don’t spend the whole day trying to memorize lessons because I have already understood them by heart. Science Research III is one of the subjects where I learned while enjoying at the same time. I was scared at first, I thought this would be the hardest subject for me during online class, but it turned out to be fun and I am glad that can keep up. I love how ma'am Ventura's uses a whiteboard and I really appreciate her effort in making explainer videos about our lessons.

I have learned a lot in research. I've learned about hypothesis testing as well as types I and II errors (false positive & false negative). I have learned about statistical tools such as z-test, t-test, ANOVA, Pearson’s r, Spearman rho, and chi square. Most importantly, I've learned how to write a research paper in IMRaD format. I’d also want to mention that my groupmates in research paper writing were Patricia and Aindrea. Patricia and I weren’t really close before, and at that time I didn't know Aindrea yet, but I invited them to join me in my research topic, and we quickly became friends. I realized that without the research paper writing, we probably wouldn’t have known each other. Overall, the lessons were challenging, there were times when I had to read the module and watch the explainer video several times, but it is all worth it because our teacher told us that “Time spent learning is time well spent”.

There are still a lot to say about my whole experience in Science Research III. To summarize, because of research I made new friends even if we don't see each other like in face-to-face classes. I have found discussions in synchronous classes to be really intriguing and exciting. I admire how our teacher is always willing to go an extra mile to make sure we'd learn. She is always kind, very considerate, and approachable. Lastly, I changed as a student. I no longer just memorize and forget. Science Research made me a true learner, I now learn by heart. I never thought I’d want to be a researcher, but now I am looking forward to future Science Research classes and lessons. I will never forget that this year, is the year that I became interested in Science Research.

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