The Middle Child is not the "trouble" Child. The Child Observation Essay Example

The Middle Child is not the "trouble" Child. The Child Observation Essay Example
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📌Published: 15 April 2021

Resentful, bitter, has no drive, has a negative outlook, consistently feels left out, secretive, rebellious, troubled child, slothful, not ambitious, irresponsible, breaks the rules, inconvenient, ill-mannered, disrespectful. These are all attributes that a middle child is considered to be. I am here today to prove these stereotypes and attributes are not true among all middle children. I am also here to tell you why the middle child is not the "trouble" child. My reasons being one middle children are actually very ambitious. Two, middle children are trailblazers and very driven people. Third, middle children are dedicated hard workers.

To begin, many people believe that the middle child is not ambitious, and that middle children don't have leadership skills. In reality middle children are very ambitious and outgoing. According to Psychology Today 52% of our United States presidents were middle children. There are also many prevalent leaders that are middle children including Abraham Lincoln, Madonna, and Martin Luther King Jr. These leaders all had to be very ambitious to accomplish what they did.

My second reason is that middle children are trailblazers or driven people. Middle children are known to be supposedly "neglected", but because of this supposed "neglect" it could give the child motivation. According to Psychology Today the middle child is more likely to cause a change in something, rather than the oldest, youngest, or only child. Middle children are also more open to new ideas compared to a first born. A study showed that 85% of middle children were more open to new things, and ideas. Compared to the 50% of first born children who were open to new ideas and things.

The final reason I will be talking about today is that middle children are very dedicated hard workers. Middle children are kind of shoved to the side, and because of this they have to work harder than others to be recognized. If many people think that middle children aren't clever, driven, and charismatic then will they be likely to hire a middle child? This shows that middle children have to put in more work to prove that they are productive and hard-working people.

These reasons prove that the middle child is not the "trouble" child, and does not resemble the traits I stated in the beginning of my speech. My reasons being, one middle children are ambitious. My second reason is that they are driven, and they are trailblazers. My final reason is that middle children are very dedicated hard workers. In conclusion, middle children are not resentful, bitter, rebellious, irresponsible, or reckless. In reality, this is just some stereotype that a person made up to get attention.


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