Essay on Children Protection. How to Avoid Violence

Essay on Children Protection. How to Avoid Violence
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Imagine a lonely child, abused by his or her parents. However, unable to speak of it to anyone around them, the parents’ atrocities, they continue to be mentally, sexually, and/or physically abused by their parents. According to, they estimate that in an year, about 6.6 million such children are abused each year in the U.S.A, of which only 3.6 million is reported each year, though this varies. It is possible to change this though by granting children the rights to sue their parents themselves. Councillors say that the main reason children can’t do anything about their situations is the threats that the parents use against them. By giving the children the rights to sue their parents though, the children’s ability to move against their parents discreetly is enhanced. Due to this, it is crucial that children are given the ability to act on their own, and stop any kind of abuse that is done to them, whether religiously, physically, or mentally.

One type of abuse that is not well known to most people but is still happening all over the world is religious abuse. The main reason that this cannot be dealt with is that people do not notice it happening. According to The Telegraph, over 84% of the world’s population can be considered religious, and of these people, over half are believed to be religious due to their parents ‘encouraging’ them to follow a certain religion. By giving the children the ability to stand up against their parents when this happens, the children are given greater free will. According to Article 3, Section 4 of the constitution, citizens should be given as much free will as possible without giving them more responsibility than they can bear. This means that so long as this is not more responsibility than children can bear, they should be given the rights to choose their own religion. Furthermore, since they will only bear responsibility if they choose to, they are able to deal with the problems that come with giving them this free will.  Due to this, children should be able to sue their own parents.

Physical abuse is often talked about by many people around the world and also often seen in the news, but it is still often overlooked. The Lookout estimates that at least one in five families live with physical abuse, and of these over 60% are attributed to children. In the current age of cultivation, should this really be tolerated? estimates that one child commits suicide once every 10 minutes due to physical abuse. This is 32560 children in a single year.

The world is wasting these children’s lives. They could have been spent doing wondrous things. As mentioned earlier, councillors of say that the main reason children do not do anything about this situation is the threats that parents use. However, by installing this system, it is possible to allow children to directly counter the parents’ threats without the parents making good of those threats. Of course, this wouldn’t solve everything and turn the world into an utopia, but since this will, at the very least, save many lives over the course of the years, there is little to no reason to not give children the rights to sue their parents in order to attempt to stop physical abuse.

In our modern age, we are able to see the effects of physical abuse clearly, but mental wounds are much harder to spot and play a very large role in some children's lives. According to NSPCC, one in every sixteen children are suffering from mental abuse. This means that it is quite probable that in a class of sixteen children, at least one of the sixteen children there have suffered from mental abuse in their past. Even more concerning though, NSPCC states that over 70% of these mental wounds children carry are permanent. While a bruise or broken bone will heal, an image in a traumatized child’s mind will often stay there, forever haunting the child. However, the National Children’s Alliance believes that there are two ways to cure a child of this. One is to show the child that what they experienced in reality is not so scary after all. The second is to keep the person/object which causes the trauma in a confined space far away from the child. If children were indeed given the rights to sue their parents, it is possible to put them in prison for a certain number of years, slowly, but surely, healing the wounds of the child. Due to this, children should be given such rights.

In summary, due to being able to stop mental, physical, and religious abuse, as well as increasing the children’s overall ability to heal from such abuses, children should be given a right to sue their parents. However, it is not reasonable to conclude that there are no harms to giving children such rights. But in the end, children are given freedom, protection, and the ability to heal from any wounds. Overall NSPCC estimates that ⅓ of all children suffer from some kind of abuse. Is there any reason not to give such children some way to fight back against such monstrous acts? For all of these reasons, children should be given the right to protect themselves through the means of suing their parents.


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