Modern Family Drama Essay Example

Caden Edge is engaged to Halle Harress. The Harress’ and Edge’s are very close friends due to being the only wealthy families in New Orleans. Caden and Halle are having their engagement party today and both of them are so ecstatic. The engagement of the two is a big deal considering they are both 17 and they will be the wealthiest couple of the 1920’s. Everyone in New Orleans wants Halle and Caden together because they are perfect for one another. 

Caden makes his way up the beautiful staircase to go change into proper attire. He walks through the wooden doorway to his bedroom and sees that his fiancée had his clothes laid out on his bed. On top of the white comforter that rested on his bed was a black dress suit with a white button up. On the hardwood floor was his black church shoes. Caden makes his way to the wooden dresser that sits in the corner of his room to find his box of jewelry. He opens the small white box to find his watch that his grandfather passed down to him. Down the hall from Caden’s room was Halle. Halle was getting her gorgeous long puffy white corset dress out from the closet and hung it up on back of the door.

She walks over to the nightstand where she keeps her precious items and grabs a wooden box with a carved H on the lid. Halle opens the lid to grab her pearl necklace and matching bracelet. Halle asks the maid nicely to help her put them on. After Halle has her jewelry on she makes her way to her vanity near the window. Halle curls her hair to perfection and gets ready to put her dress and shoes on. Meanwhile, on the other side of the city, Emily Crawford is getting ready to attend the party with her family. Emily is in her small boxed room trying to decide what she wants to wear.

Emily looks through her closet until she finds a beautiful black dress. She puts the dress on and goes underneath her bed to get her special box. Emily grabs her diamond necklace and earring that her great-grandma gave her before she passed away. Emily walks to her shabby closet to grab her three inch black heels. She walks over to her mirror that is set up in front of the window and looks at her reflection. Emily is pleased with her look and makes her way to the car. 

The Edge’s mansion is decorated with streamers, balloons, fancy champagne, and a band. The entire town showed up to the party. Caden was making his way around thanking everyone when he saw his past love, Emily Crawford. Caden has always been in love with Emily; after all she was his first love. As soon as he saw her, it was like nothing else in the world mattered to him. He walked over to her and kissed her hand. Caden spent the entire night catching up with Emily and admiring her beauty. Halle didn't even cross his mind when he was with Emily. Emily spent the night at the Edge’s house. Halle found out that Emily and Caden use to date so she forbids Emily from seeing her fiance. 

It has been one month since the engagement party and Caden hasn't been the same since. He can not get Emily out of his mind. Halle and Caden are suppose to wed in one month. Halle found out that she is pregnant with Caden’s baby. Halle got an abortion because she hates kids. Meanwhile, Emily is telling Caden that she is pregnant with his baby and she wants to keep it. It has always been a dream of hers to have a family with him. Caden thinks of leaving Halle and raising the baby with Emily. When Halle got home Caden told her that he is leaving to raise his baby with Emily. Halle quickly tells him that she is pregnant with his baby. Caden does not know what to do.  

Five months have passed and Caden is noticing that Halle does not look like she is pregnant. He took her to the doctor. The doctor told him that she is not pregnant and she got an abortion five months ago. Caden was furious at Halle. Emily and Caden moved to another city in Louisiana away from Halle. Four months later, they have a beautiful baby boy and are happily married. 

Halle was heartbroken when she found out that Caden had left her for Emily. She spent the next two weeks crying over him. She realized that she made the biggest mistake of her life lying about being pregnant. She also realized that if she wouldn’t have had an abortion, then Caden would still talk to her. Halle is making a plan to get Caden back. Since Halle is wealthy, she hired a private investigator for Caden. She wanted to know where he was, so she can follow through with her plan. 

A month later Halle’s investigator found out where Caden and Emily were staying. Halle traveled out to Slidell, Louisiana. She was going to do something that will get Caden to talk to her. Emily’s sister, Elle, was watching Carter while Emily and Caden were out. Halle convinced Elle that she was Carter’s doctor. Elle invited Halle into the house while she called Caden and Emily. Elle walked to the kitchen to have a private talk with Caden and Emily about why the doctor was at the house. As soon as Elle walked into a different room Halle picked Carter up and quietly walked to the kitchen door to listen to the conversation on the phone.  

“Hello Caden, there is someone at the house for Carter. Doctor Halle Harress said she needs to take him to the office for a checkup.” Elle said to Caden. 

“Whatever you do Elle DO NOT let Halle into that house near Carter. Emily and I are leaving the bar now. Stay near Carter and lock the door.” Caden said quickly. 

Halle quietly snuck out the door with Carter. Once she was outside, she ran to the car. She strapped Carter into a car seat and drove back to New Orleans with him. Halle knew she had to drive quickly so she wouldn't get caught. Meanwhile, Caden and Emily are rushing home from the bar. Emily is freaking out and Caden is trying to keep her calm. 

“Caden, I swear if anything happens to my baby, I will hurt you.” Emily threatened Caden.

“Emily, just calm down. Nothing is going to happen.” Caden calmly said.

“How do you know? We’re talking about your crazy ex.The same woman that pretended to be pregnant when you were going to leave her.”

“You’re right. We need to hurry!” 

Caden sped the car up and took a shortcut to get home faster. Caden was going around a turn. He couldn't see around the turn, but he knew that this road was hardly ever driven. Out of nowhere Caden and Emily see bright lights shine, but it was too late. The two cars hit head on with a thunderous noise. A nearby house owner heard the noise and seen the horrific sight. He quickly called 911. 

At the hospital the patients were taken directly to the operation room. It would be a miracle if any of the victims made it out alive. In one room, a man has internal bleeding and three broken ribs. In another room, a woman has several pieces of glass stuck in her abdomen. She is at risk for bleeding out. Two rooms down, there is another woman that has a broken leg, a broken arm, a head injury, and two broken ribs. In the last operation room, the baby is in critical condition. The doctors don’t think that Caden, Halle, Emily, and Carter are going to make it. 

It has been two months since the accident. Not much has changed at the hospital. Halle, Emily, and Caden are still in comas. However, Carter did not make it out of surgery alive. Everyone in Louisiana is praying that the three adults wake from their coma. 

Three months after the tragic car crash Halle, Emily, and Caden awoke from the coma. The doctors are dreading giving the patients the news. Dr. Evans, Emily’s doctor, takes a deep breath before walking into her room. Dr. Evans calmly tells Emily that she was pregnant the night of the car crash, but due to the glass stuck in her abdomen the baby was killed. Emily starts to cry, but she hasn’t heard the bad news yet. Dr. Evans tells her that Carter did not make it out of surgery. Emily starts yelling at Dr. Evans. Dr. Hale, Halle’s doctor, gives Halle horrible news. As soon as Halle gets well enough to be discharged, then she will be sentenced to 25 years without the chance of parole at Louisiana State Penitentiary for the death of Carter Edge. Dr. Cox, Cadens’s doctor, is given awful news. First, he finds out that Carter and his unborn baby passed away. Then, Caden is told that he has a tumor in his brain and has a 7% chance of living. For Halle’s family, Caden’s family, and Emily’s family today has been a miracle, but for Halle, Emily, and Caden it has been the worst day of their lives. 

It has been two years since the accident and no one has been able to move on. Halle is serving her time at the Louisiana State Penitentiary. Her life has changed so much in three years. She went from living like a princess and being engaged to the best man she has ever known to being a murderer. Emily has not been the same since she found out that her babies have died. She knows that none of this would happen if it wasn't for Halle. Emily filed for divorce. She is now a single woman that travels the country to keep her mind off the tragedy. With the help of chemotherapy, Caden beat cancer. He needed Emily to help him through his rough time, but he realized that he needed to fight for his kids not for her. Everyday Caden spends his free time at the grave talking to Carter. He tells Carter how much he misses him and how everything is different without him. 

You never realize that everything can change within a second. Your whole life can come crashing down with one wrong or bad decision. Never take anything for granted because you never know what you have until it's  gone.



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