Parents Influence on Child Essay Example

In the article, “Parental Responsibility Laws and Personal Injury” the author states, “Many people don't realize that parents can be held legally liable for the acts of their minor children.” (David Landers) this happens in Romeo and Juliet; adults make bad decisions which results in Romeo and Juliet taking their own lives. Romeo and Juliet written by Shakespeare is a story about two lovers who take their lives because of the bad decisions the adults make, they love each other so much that one cannot live without the other, yet no one understands their love in front of the family feud and forces them to take their lives.

The article “Parental Responsibility Laws and Personal Injury.” talks about how many states have laws that parents are responsible for the wrongdoing of the minor. Which shows that the adults are responsible for Romeo and Juliet actions. As shown by Romeo and Juliet and the article "minors get influenced by adults' actions," adults are the ones to blame for the minor’s wrongdoing because they show them what's right or wrong.

A family dispute can ruin the lives of many people even if they do not take part in it even while others make a good decision a few bad decisions by others can ruin the good decisions. Montagues and Capulets hate each other, their family feud is going on for a long time despite the current generation not doing anything bad to either family they still decide to continue their rivalry without thinking about it or how it affects the people or even their own families. When Romeo goes to the ball and falls in love with Juliet and later after the nurse telling them each other about each other's identity Romeo and Juliet talk and are sad they form rival families and try to forget about each other but cannot do it. 

They confess their love to each other and discuss their family situations and how they are afraid to tell their parents about it. Romeo and Juliet have a conversation about it "is but thy name that is my enemy. Thou art thyself, though not a Montague. What’s Montague? It is nor hand, nor foot, Nor arm, nor face, nor any other part. Belonging to a man. O, be some other name! What’s in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other word would smell as sweet. So Romeo would, were he not Romeo called, Retain that dear perfection which he owes. Without that title. Romeo, doff thy name, And for that name, which is no part of thee. Take all myself.(act 2.scene 2.Lines 38-44)” Even Romeo and Juliet understand a name has no significance on a person, someone may have a very high ranked name but be an unsatisfactory person or a person with a low ranked name be a very good person. 

They hesitate to tell their parents about their love which ultimately becomes the reason they die, if their parents think sensibly, they would probably just tell them and would have been happy. Also, the nurse tells them about each other and becomes their messenger without thinking to inform the parents, so even she is to blame what a kid does something the parents should know about that their actions and the Friar is also to blame who marry them without the parents consents, he should tell the parents about that because if he may have told the parents this may have not happened. 

The parents were fighting like kids which shows that kids may sometimes act more mature than adults which happened in this case the children understood that nothing is in a name, The adults should think about what they're doing before making decisions because they may get lost in their egos and make decisions which force kids to do something wrong like in this case is the parents are indirectly or directly responsible, they even caused chaos in the streets affecting the lives of other people.

Parents should be blamed for the actions of their minors because they are somehow always involved directly or indirectly responsible for their minors’ action. So many states have made laws regarding this. The article talks about how it may seem unfair that a parent should be held liable for their minors’ action, but it really is not because parents have a legal duty to make sure their child is in the right track and many cities have laws regarding this. The article also states that, “A number of states have passed parental liability laws that make a parent liable for any resulting injuries and vehicle damage when a minor child causes a car accident. 

However, many states also have specific statutes further defining the legal liability of a parent or other adult in that situation. (David Landers)” Many states also have laws regarding how parents are to blame for their minors action because it's their responsibility to make their child feel safe, provides them with their day to day necessities and respect their decisions if this fails to happens the child feels like he has to do something wrong to get it, he will so it's the parents responsible about the child's mistake that shows how the child got influenced by their parent. In most cases the parent has done a very good job if he fails to explain to the child why something he does is wrong or does not correct is almost like making a bad decision for their child. 

Most of the time adults are the ones who influence minors indirectly or directly by making bad decisions or not improving their bad decisions so indirectly being the cause of it, so the adults are to blame. Most of the time adults are the ones who influence minors indirectly or directly by making bad decisions or not improving their bad decisions so indirectly being the cause of it, so the adults are to blame. Due to a few bad decisions by the parents, the children had to pay their lives so really the parents should be the one to blame for their kids doing the wrong thing because ultimately it was because of their wrongdoings.



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