The Story About My Grandmother Essay Example

The Story About My Grandmother Essay Example
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📌Published: 29 May 2021

I chose Teresa, my grandmother, to write about. She was born in Limerick, Ireland, but moved to Kilkenny, Ireland after her father was killed fighting for the British army in World War ll.  She grew up on a farm and helped out with daily chores such as milking the cows and feeding the chickens.  After finishing secondary school, she trained as a general nurse in England.  She then trained in Ireland to be a psychiatrist.  She later married John and had four children, Mary, Sean, Barry, and Patricia.

As a child, Teresa moved into the house that she would be living in for the rest of her life.  Unfortunately, after about two months of living in her new home, her sister passed away from pneumonia.   Her family was devastated and never forgot her, but had to keep pushing through.  She grew up with only her mother and brother to comfort her.  As an adult, she started doing community work, such as planting flowers at the local church, volunteered as a guide at the heritage museum, and visited the local elderly to ensure their safety and provide any needed support.  She also worked as a psychiatrist at the local psychiatric hospital.

After Teresa retired at the age of 65 she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Fighting this disease was very difficult because of the treatment plan and all of the medications.  People were not hopeful that she would make it, but after years of treatment, she made a full recovery. She faced many challenges because she understood what to expect when fighting cancer from her patients.  She knew what they had gone through and was scared. People were so glad that she had pulled through and will always be grateful.

A turtle starts out as a small, innocent baby, and then it grows up. Along a turtle's journey, they face many challenges. Just like a turtle, Teresa started out small and fragile, but she grew into a strong, independent woman. At just the age of 5, Teresa had suffered through the first challenge of her life. Her father had gone to England to fight during the second world war but unfortunately, he was killed in battle. Teresa, along with her brother, mother, and sister moved to Tullaroan, Ireland. She has faced many difficult challenges after this as well, and had many friends helping her along the way just as a turtle would on its long journey.

The “person” that she relied on the most to help her with her challenges was God. She prayed to God every night and went to church every Sunday. She also had her mother and brother helping her through her entire life. Due to Teresa being a kind- natured person, she also had many friends. All of these friends helped her along, but the ones who helped her the most were (say names here). Many others helped her by giving her a motivational speech. Friends and family would also help her walk up stairs because the cancer made her very week. 

When Teresa was 20, she worked as a nurse. She was a general nurse until she was around 25 then she trained to become a psychiatrist. She worked in a hospice, spending time with the patients. After recovering from cancer, she founded a support group for women in the area who were also going through breast cancer.  She helped those women to feel more hopeful about their situation. She was always helping people and giving back in every way possible.


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