The Legalization of Recreational Marijuana Argumentative Essay Example

The legalization of recreational marijuana has been debated for many years now and whether or not it should be legal. Recreational marijuana should be legal. Legalizing marijuana would positively affect the United States in many ways. Legalizing recreational marijuana is able to provide a boost in the economy and crime related to marijuana arrest would go down. Many people around the country would be able to benefit from the legalization of recreational marijuana.

Legalizing recreational marijuana would benefit the national economy. In the article by, it stated, “The legal marijuana industry generated 7.2 billion in economic activity in 2016…”  This shows the legalization on recreational marijuana will be able to increase the economy since many people are going to come to buy it here since it is legal. This shows that legalization would improve the economy. This would also get the attention of tourists coming from other areas where recreational marijuana is not legal. There will be more people willing to try marijuana which will boost the economy. Some may think legalizing recreational marijuana will create more taxes but the tax is from recreational marijuana is only 1%. 

The legalization can promote a boost in the economy due to higher purchase rates. Also, the arrest rate for marijuana-related crimes will go down. In an article by the Washington Post it stated, “American police typically arrest more people for marijuana use than for all violent crimes combined.” and it also stated, “Saving those jurisdictions millions of dollars and preventing the criminalization of thousands of people.” This will cut down on the arrest of people with marijuana for recreational uses. Police will also be able to focus on more important issues rather than wasting time with marijuana arrest. Although this will not stop the disparities and discrimination it will be able to cut down on the arrests. The boost in the economy is one major reason recreational marijuana should be legal. The legalization will also help police focus on more serious issues.

Legalizing marijuana has many benefits for the United States. It would boost the economy and attract tourist to come and buy it in the United States. The arrest rate will also lower and will be allowing the police officer to focus on more urgent issues. The legalization of recreational marijuana has many benefits. If the United States legalize marijuana there will be a stronger economy and more alert police for a safer country.



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