How Moving Changed My Life Essay Example

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  • Published: 27 March 2021
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When I was around ten my mom remarried. I was in fifth grade and we moved from a small town called Blackjack, Georgia to Newnan Georgia. I was very reluctant to leave the only home I’d ever know. Moving away from my friends, my school, and my family. Why did we have to leave? I just started to really make friends at my school, then we moved. What I thought was one of the worst things in my life turned out to be one of the best things to happen to me. Moving made me learn what it’s like to thrive in school and being more involved and learning that you can always make new friends in new places. 

Blackjack was a small town where the only thing we had was a barber shop for a store. I was so used to the life of getting on my bike and riding to my friend’s house and going all around the town. Every day was an adventure outside, not having the internet made me go and find things to do, like starting clubs with my friends and trying to spend the night trampolines to avoid getting trouble. Everyone knew who I was and whose child I was. My whole family was born and raised there leaving never seemed like it was going to be an option until it was.  I was ten, just had my birthday party when my mom told me that we were moving to Newnan and she was getting married. I was happy about the married part, but the moving made me mad. I just started liking school and I was doing well in school, move? Why couldn’t he just move into our house. Why do we have to leave our home? I had so many questions to ask her, but I was a child, so it wasn’t my choice. Moving to Newnan was going to happen with or without me on board with it. 

School had finally come to an end and it was summer which meant moving time. I was sad to be leaving the people I loved most in the world, but it had to be done.  All my stuff was packed up and ready to go as we started our drive to our new house.  Looking out the window and watching the world change from a familiar place to a fast-moving town. I saw grocery stores, gas stations, and restaurants. This was not what I was used to. When we pulled up at our new house it looked like a mansion, I felt like Will when he left Philly and moved to Bel-Air. Maybe moving wasn’t going to be that bad after all.  

Summer seemed to fly by, and school was back in session. My school was less than three minutes away from my house. I was so scared, I had in my head that nobody would want to be friends with me I mean, it was fifth grade everyone had already had their clicks and groups of friends, I wasn’t that special. So why would they want to be friends with me? However, when I walked in, I was welcomed with smiles and people eager to find out where I was from. I was the “new girl” and everyone wanted to talk to me. Within a few weeks I had a table to sit with at lunch and a playground crew, I was being invited to sleepovers and birthday parties, I was loving it. I got selected to join the REACH program for excelled learners, joined the theater program starring in all school plays, and I was even on the elementary school track team. My mom would tell me that moving seemed to bring a light out of me she had never seen before. 

Moving seemed to be a blessing in disguise, it taught me so much about myself. I learned that sometimes it’s the mindset taken into a situation that makes something worse than what it is. I judged moving as a bad thing before I even gave it a chance. Going to my new school showed me so much about the great effects of being involved and how rewarding it was to excel in school. Newnan became my second home, and the friends I gained there, showed me what true friendship was and that most people are open to being friends with the new kid if the new kid is open to being friends with them. I learned that Newnan was so much better than the cover I gave it.



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