Essay Sample on My Favourite Hobby: Skiing

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  • Published: 18 September 2021
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Working can be viewed as a necessary task, while also seen as a hassle, an inconvenience, Dumping days and days into the same grind expecting a different result. For others, the experience is different; some thrive in their jobs, enjoy them and even look forward to working. Skiing has always been a hobby of mine, every year, the anticipation grows, and I await the end of fall, allowing the cool crystal-like dusting of snow to sweep the landscape and cover the land like a blanket. Throughout the last two winters, I was lucky enough to instruct at Eldora. The experiences stand out to me, providing character growth and experience with enjoyment being most notable. Although I have had many experiences teaching, one stands out to me in a more meaningful way, a way that may affect me forever. It was mid-February, the snow had begun to accumulate, and there had been a new dusting overnight.

The sun was peeking through the clouds, yet the chill in the air was still present, providing the stereotypical winter feel. The anticipation had taken over me; I couldn’t wait to be skiing that day but was expecting to be assigned to the bunny hill. The eight new inches of snow provided me with a jealous feeling. Jealous of the other skiers who weren’t working that day. Watching them surf through the soft white snow escaping their prison, the office. When the time came for the morning lineup, I was hoping to be assigned to a class that could appreciate the fresh powder. Eventually, after much anticipation, I met my lesson for the day. I knew after a first glance that it was going to be an incredible day. The smiles on their faces signified they wanted to ski just as badly as I did. Instantly we bounded over to the lift, hoping to get to the top as soon as possible. 

After skiing with them, the three 8-year-olds seemed to be teaching me, sliding through the snow with little effort, nothing but smiles and joy. Launching off of jumps into the pillows of snow that the recent angelic dusting had left behind, they were thriving. The atmosphere was what everyone hopes to have in a job zero cares in the world, just having fun. The weather was perfect, the snow was excellent, and I had no complaints. The scene created a feeling of paradise; the sun glimmering through the white trees made me feel like I was on another planet. The cool snow spraying all over my face as I surfed through the powder made me feel weightless. As the day started winding down, the snow began to get choppy, the sun slowly started to fade, and the end of the day was sense-able. Although the experience quickly began to fade as the short winter day came to a close, the joy of sharing the experience of skiing still overtook me. The ideology that I was supposed to be teaching them seemed to be false. The children seemed to be teaching me how to enjoy myself—reminding me not to view work as work but as an experience, an opportunity to better myself. The joy that the so-called “students” provided allowed me to rethink how working should be, without worries and stress, an enjoyable experience.


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