My Summer Vacation Essay Example 2

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  • Published: 01 May 2021
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Summer is finally here, and I ought to be attending movies, the pool, and lawn parties like everyone else. But my brother and mother had devised different plans of how I will spend my summer. Washington D.C.! Why do I have to give up my precious summer to walk around in the hot sun with overachievers? By my brother, “This was an amazing opportunity," for whom I didn't ask for this, “Amazing opportunity."I was already late for the first meeting and had to walk into the room in the middle of a discussion and all eyes rested on me; so much for a great start.

After introductions, I was adamant as ever about not wanting to be at this program. A schedule of the places we will visit and the activities were given out; I wasn’t excited. The first week, we visited local embassies and met with their ambassadors. The meetings were tedious and felt impersonal; the ambassadors were pretentious. First-week, of scheduled activities, didn't excite me only made me feel indifferent towards the program. We had finished our embassy visits and entered the second week of activities; as my program director puts it, " The boring part is over".

This week was meetings with the staff activists, U.N. information center, and the World Bank Visitor group. The first stop was the U.N. information center which was a sister organization for the United Nations. We met with a staff member, and she gave us a paper that listed the most important human rights declared by the U.N. She told us to split into groups of three and discuss a time we were deprived of a human right. The only boy in the group and I had nothing to recall but someone else in the group did. Ivory was one of my only friends in this program, she told us about her former life in DR and the effects that Natural disasters and the inconvenience of living in the countryside caused extreme famine. She had experienced poverty at a very young age but didn’t let it discourage her from creating opportunities for herself in America. Ivory stories enlightened me about my attitude towards the program and my life. 

I was disappointed about not spending my summer having fun when others had to work their backs off for this opportunity. I realized that I was selfish and ungrateful about everything I have. Even though I had different plans for the summer, I still should have shown gratitude to my family. I became that life does not always go by plan but I shouldn’t let emotions influence my attitude or be my judgment. My newfound enlightenment aroused purpose within me. I have wanted to purpose in my life so that I wouldn’t restore to my old ways. Initially, that purpose didn’t come right away, but I knew it was there. An insightful conversation with the program director gave me what I needed to find my purpose, helping others. But “helping others” was too broad, so I had to start on a micro-level. 

On a micro-level, I decided that gave help to those I relate to someway, women. On a micro-level, I decided that gave help to those I relate to someway this was it, my purpose; to give to others that’s been a privilege to me. I didn’t want to resolve one problem simply to produce another, the usually menstrual items sold are bad for the environment and wouldn’t last long. I once again went to my program director for advice, she informed us about menstrual cups. These menstrual cups, last for about 10 years and could be easily cleaned. The members of the program made a group chat so that we can stay linked through all this. All added up our money but was a little short… very short, but we will get there one day. When we do where to buy up to diva's cups as we can them to rural communities in India. 

The summers ultimate end was swiftly approaching, and we were on our concluding day, I felt like I undoubtedly had to leave home all repeatedly. I had made friends and social connections with all various types of people. Despite my at first, reaction to being sent to this program, I was content. I didn’t indeed want to go back home, it felt like there was nothing there for me; except my family. I typically encountered and made better friends who were smart, kind, and informed, but I nevertheless had to leave from them late. After packing my bags and left for home, but I took with me, new-found knowledge, happiness, and specific purpose.



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