In the Grove Summary Example

Unexpected event occurred in a specific area that contains cedar trees. Unveiled a murder victim that seem to be a samurai that got stabbed into the chest. Determined who is the murder that committed a crime in the grove. While all characters in “ In a grove” has reason to lie, the story of the wife seem so credible because she remained to be alive between others stories that she could be the possibly suspect to the crime. Even though she maintained to be alive because she tried to suicide herself by a code of honor Bushido. She visualize her husband’s glance saying to killed him. Also question herself what has become of her. Revealed a confession that she killed her husband. Examined that no one shouldn't estimate the thoughts of a woman toward her actions. For a visualize viewpoint it's hard to determine the reality of a person whether they are truly themselves beneath the skin.

For someone to be really vicious person can blind someone's perspectives of them as friendly and innocent in real life. Akutagawa proclaiming that she “ can't leave him alive as you are” (pg 4). Realizing that the husband won't remained alive so she decides to take his life away. The wife was in a trance of going into a suicidal thoughts whether to commit suicide or not commit suicide. Considering that a wife often kill their spouse in self defense or final act of relief.

Clearly that a wife would often provide a warning before killing her mates. Revealed that a woman can commit more killing that no one won't find out even though they know the consequences of their actions lead them to prison. Even they can persuade someone to do their killing for them or do it themselves. Her partner and her are determined to participate in the homicide together. Unveiled that women used the power of persuasion to weak-minded anyone to get them to commit murder. 

. Who do you think is more clear to commit a murder a female or male? Clearly men kill their victims by tortured and sexually assault them but females tend to take more pragmatic approach toward their killings. He indicates for the wife  “ what has become of me” (pg 5). This implies to what going to happen to her. So she wants to relief of the bad sin and feeling of dishonor. Decide to have a conversation with a holy person that would affect they feel bad for her. That the deity would give her forgiveness of that sin. Clearly she must agree to her sin that it was wrong. That the deity has forgiven her from that terrible sin. Final she is repent of a change of heart. 

Masago’s story can be disagreeable to other viewers perspective. That she often faints in her testimony that she forgets what happen in the grove. Also she doesn't provide enough evidence in her testimony to seem if she is the actual killer. She often expresses a lonely smile with a violent sobbing that appeal to her action. When she was killing her husband happened only in a trance. I see it differently because she didn't understand how to express her heart at that time.

That implies she was trying to make her pain of her shame fell less real. Even though her heart was breaking down by intense emotion reaction of getting assaulted. As an example, “ since things have come to pass, I cannot live with you”(pg 4). This suggests that she was a victim of manipulating her husband by taking control of the situation in the grove. That she was in a desperate state that hope is loss for him. That she wanted to separate from him and tries to forget what happened to her in the grove. 

Whether Ms. Masago was the true killer in the grove or not. She included a lot of decisive action in her testimony to question her own reality. Clearly the departed wife decides to “ stab the small sword through the lilac- colored kimono into his breast”(pg 5). Surely shown proof that she committed the crime of ending the life of her departed husband as a confession to the merciful Kwannon. Even she remained in the grove to untied the rope from his dead body by seeing his pale face.To summaries if anyone should accept a vicious sin that can astonish their reality of life and whether the holy deity decided to forgive them or not.

The most challenging aspect for this assignment for me would be making sure the quotes and my assumptions connects together. So my assumption doesn't lose track of supporting the quotes that are chosen for this essay and making sure to use the quotes from the character testimony that seem to be credible. The reading of  In a grove seem to understand different testimony of characters thought on what happened to the victim whose is a samurai. The organization for this essay wasn't a challenge at all. For the drafting, it was making sure the paragraph are lengthened through out each question to be answered.                                                                             

For me to overcome my challenge for this essay to connect quotes from the character testimony and my assumptions is to think like a criminal investigator on how would they think would be credible suspect in this essay. Before writing this essay the audience would be people who were against the wife testimony to see if their perspective changes or not. The written essay would affect the audience thoughts differently from a shorten confession from a detailed and complex confession by another character testimony. The genre and design was based  toward crime/short story/mystery produced allow people's perspectives to think as an investigator of a crime that would need to solve and to convict a vicious murder.



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