Lord Capulet is Responsible for Romeo and Juliet Essay Example

Everyone holds a part in Romeo and Juliet’s death however, the person who has the highest responsibility for the death of star crossed lovers is Lord Capulet. Capulet and Montague's families are foes and want nothing to do with any individual from diverse families. Thinking why Lord Capulet is responsible read the following essay and you will realize why and perhaps blame Lord Capulet also. 

The first reason why Lord Capulet is responsible is in (Act 3 Scene 5) where Lord and Lady Capulet shouted at Juliet. Lord Capulet shouted at Juliet over being ordered to marry Paris, Juliet denied. Lord Capulet believed it would make her appear better after her cousin Tybalt was killed by Romeo her love. Lord Capulet did not know Juliet and Romeo had married. If Lord Capulet had found out he would want more reasoning to kill Romeo. Juliet was not pleased with her father's decision and went to Friar Lawrence for advice. He had an idea to get Romeo and Juliet back together in peace.

The second reasoning why Lord Capulet is responsible is in (Act 3 Scene 5) again because he said he did not care about Juliet. Lord Capulet said he did not care if she died, starved, suffered, or lived on the streets if she did not marry Paris. When Lord Capulet said that it made Juliet mad she sobbed out to her mother, but she did not reply just looked at her in disappointment. Lady Capulet was on Lord Capulet's side and left Juliet to cry. This shows that Lord Capulet nor Lady Capulet cared about Juliet. This grows Juliet angry because she did not love Paris, she loved Romeo and desired to be with him.

Although, Lord Capulet desired the greatest for his daughter to be content. Lord Capulet did not know that Romeo and Juliet had married. Lord Capulet believed it would make Juliet happier after the death of Tybalt. But, No one should ever force someone to marry a specific person, you let people marry who they want.  

In conclusion, Lord Capulet has the highest responsibility for Romeo and Juliet's death due to evidence and reasonings. Lord Capulet wanted the best for Juliet, but it was not what Juliet wanted. Lord Capulet made Juliet mad and she killed herself so she did not have to marry Paris. Juliet wanted to be with Romeo endless and Romeo wanted to be with Juliet endless.



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