Essay on Son and The Giver by Lois Lowry

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In life, it is always important to resolve conflicts in a way that insure that everyone you care about is safe. In literature, it is always important to have protagonists who learn something from doing something extremely courageous and caring. In Lois Lowry’s, Son and The Giver, protagonists Gabe and Claire, and Jonas both show that courage allows people to attempt difficult tasks when they resolve their own conflicts.

In Son, protagonists Gabe and Claire both resolve their conflicts and show that courage allows people to attempt difficult tasks. In the book, Claire tries to find her son, Gabe and finally be with him. The only way she can do that is by trading with the Trademaster, an evil spirit. She resolves her conflict by trading her young spirit and in return, she gets to be with her son for the rest of her life. To find her son, Claire gets prepared to climb a huge hill and encounter the Trademaster, “She would have to plan, then, and what he had revealed to her would be part of the planning. But for now she must concentrate only on the climb” (Son 235).

Claire prepares for the climb of her life with Einar, the person she loves. He tells her the story of how he had climbed the hill and had then encountered the Trademaster, which is why his foot was crooked. Claire realizes that she must fight hard to find Gabe, and that it wouldn’t be easy. The second protagonist, Gabe finally realizes, after a long period of time, that Claire, the old woman in his community is his mom. Jonas, the leader of the community tells him the story of Claire, and tells Gabe that he must defeat the evil Trademaster. Gabe goes by himself in search of the Trademaster, ready to kill him. When he has almost defeated him, Gabe says, “‘You won’t ever know what its like, to love someone. In a way, I pity you. But I hope you starve.’” (Son 391). Gabe is saying that, because no one loves the Trademaster and the Trademaster does not love anyone back, the Trademaster does not have a good life. Love is part of life, and without love, life is not the same. All in all, Gabe and Jonas both sacrifice their lives to do what they feel is right and help the ones they love most. 

In the second book, The Giver, the protagonist, Jonas shows that courage allows people to attempt difficult tasks when Jonas resolves the conflict in the book. In the book, Jonas lives in a community where no one has actual feeling except himself, and the Giver. In the Giver, Jonas gets assigned to be the Receiver of Memory, which means that he realizes the truth about their community and the world in general. He realizes that one of the people he loves most, a baby named Gabe is going to be killed because he did not correspond to the weight and size of a normal baby. He decides to run away with Gabe, and never look back. He makes a plan and flees, “That night, Jonas was forced to flee. He left the dwelling shortly after the sky became dark and the community became still.” (Giver 204). Jonas picked a time when all the people of the community would be asleep and they would not notice that Gabe had left. His love for Gabe is what drives Jonas to flee and never look back on the community.

After months of traveling, Jonas finally hears something he had never heard before; music. That is when he realizes that they had made it, “Suddenly he was aware with certainty and joy that below ahead, they were waiting for him; and that they were waiting, too for the baby. For the first time, he knew something to be music. He heard people singing” (Giver 225). Jonas had finally arrived, and he could now give Gabe a life that he deserved. A life where people sang, played music. A life where people could see the magnificent colors, where people knew the truth about their community and their world. All in all, Jonas sacrifices himself and Gabe to get to a place where people are finally free and are celebrated for their differences. 

In closing, the protagonists, Claire, Gabe and Jonas from Son and The Giver, all share a similar way of resolving the problem. In Son, Claire gets caught up with the Trademaster and trades her youth for a chance to be with her child for the rest of her life, and Gabe defeats the Trademaster to make sure that his mom, and his community never get hurt again. In The Giver, Jonas flees with Gabe to give himself and Gabe a great life. All these stories, have a common theme; Love. They all do what they did because of love. Just like Claire, Gabe and Jonas realize in Son and The Giver, readers should take away that love is a powerful thing, and it is what can drive you to do something amazingly courageous.



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