Good Parenting Essay Example

Raising teenagers in these times is absolutely insane. I'm absolutely starting to think that life’s experience may be the manual. It seems to be generational experiences that provide a program that our children will follow later on with their children and proves that parenting is a learning process like anything else in life. The problems I put my father and mother through; and what they encountered with their parents. 

One memory that I remember is a more recent one, where my daughter called me up to say “ Mom they’re trying to jump me!” said with a frantic tone. I got to the school, but to my surprise the principle had begun the process of suspending my daughter from school for five days.”She fought.” The principle said to me. She just called, and the logic step said to myself. “Huh” was my response. She was suspended for five days; fighting another student at the school.“Over the Boy Huh?!” I mumbled aggressively. 

After getting the details, she was definitely at fault. Not only did I have to sign suspension paperwork I had to speak with campus police, and I don’t really deal with the police very well. Towards the end of the small talk, the officer said. “She is being charged with battery.” I shook my head with the utmost disappointment as I signed my portion of the citation. “Girl you got me in a twist.” I said to my daughter with frustration. Not to mention this is only the third week of school. By the next week, I get a call from the school. “Here we go and again,” I said with defeat in my voice. 

She was involved in yet another altercation where a school official was seen as the victim, which led her to be suspended for an additional five days with, you guessed it, another charge. Battery on a school official was the charge. Doesn't it sound like she just went up and fought the principal? My eyes and mouth were wide open with pure shock. How can a teenager get themselves in this much chaos? I was just done with it all. “Have you learned from your mistakes?” I told her. She responded in the best teenage fashion. “ I do not know who jumps in a fight to stop it.” Then my response was. “Girl it's her job to stop the violence from getting worse”.

The fact that she was serious as a heart attack had me in utter disbelief. How can this be? I didn't raise her this way. Now she has two charges and two separate court dates that have to be handled. So I had to ask my brother-in-law. “Hey, do you think that I could give you gas money? To take my daughter Sincere and I to Van Nuys Superior Court.” We needed to see a judge for a citation diversion program that ultimately would give her an opportunity to have a clean slate after community service. 

She had forty hours to complete, before March 29, 2019 we're dealing with this as I speak on the topic. I do not think she's taking the situation very seriously; so I sit back in amazement. “Lord, I wish I had the manual; dealing with this child is for a professional ” Although, we haven't dealt with the other battery charge on a school official. I'm really starting to think that life experiences, maybe the manual. It seems to be generational experiences.

 What I put my father and my mother through nearly the same experiences that I'm encountering with my own child what they’ve encountered with their parents also proves that parenting is a learning process like anything else in life. Thinking back, I remember sneaking out to go to kickbacks, having my parents worried the worst has happened. I know now I was a part of their life lesson, and the manual for my younger brother and sister.

Sincere may be realizing that she has to be in control of her emotions, and that she can't let others get her heightened. So she has since been removed from Eastside High, and she is now going to Lancaster High School, where it seems that she's more on track with her academics, and her emotions mainly. This memory or experience has taught me that you can instill good morals, good attributes, and best characteristics in your child but they still may make mistakes. I state again as I did in beginning parenting doesn't have a manual, but I found out  life’s experiences is the manual



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