Example Essay on Sister and Her Impact on Me and My Life

Example Essay on Sister and Her Impact on Me and My Life
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📌Published: 27 June 2021

Going into high school I had an older sister who was two years older than me. She ruined my freshman and sophomore years. It started by her getting arrested the day before my very first day of high school. As I walked into school for the first time I was already lost and confused because it was a new environment, soon to be a cruel one. All I remember from that day is people continuously asking me about her and what was wrong with her. She was a junior and built herself a negative reputation. I didn't want her reputation to reflect on me. I separated myself as much as I could from her so I could build my own identity and not be known as her “little sister”. I was on the Varsity Cheerleading team and involved in many clubs such as DECA, STUCO, National Achievers Society, and J.O.Y. Although, freshman year was nothing compared to what was coming sophomore year. 

Sophomore year everything spiraled out of control. Videos of my sister with boys started surfacing and went viral throughout Wake County. As hard as it was being related to her, it was even harder when I found out some people thought it was me in the videos. People thought this because we look very similar. This video was all people talked about. All I would hear from people was about how much of a whore my sister was. Constantly hearing this and almost all of my peers turning their backs on me was the most devastating part of it all. People I called my friends, didn't want to be seen with me because of who my sister was. Even though throughout the year I had missed a lot of school because of my sister, I remember missing the whole week of school when the video was posted. Thinking everything would be blown over, I went to cheer at the basketball game that Friday. Not even a quarter into the game and the other schools student section was chanting at my school about my sister. My heart dropped. My schools student section was looking at me. My teammates looked at me. Half the gym was looking at me. I was so humiliated and I ran out of the gym as fast as I could. 

Everything about school was dreadful. I had no one by my side. The administration and teachers didn't help me when I reached out.  My parents were too concerned trying to keep my sister under control to give me any attention. My dad spent his nights driving around town looking for my sister because she would always leave the house in the middle of the night. My parents always fought over how to discipline her. Every night I would cry in bed because any everything negative would replay over and over in my head. I started to hate myself for something I didn't do. I faced consequences because I was related to my sister. I lost all my friends, my life at home at just as bad as my life at school, and I was failing my classes. 

I had to turn things around. I needed a fresh start at a new school. My transfer request got denied twice and I was told there was nothing else I could do to switch schools. I got a hold of the superintendent and she got me into a new school. Six months of trying to get out of my horrifying old school worked. 

At my new school I made new friends, I made A/B Honor Roll, my sister moved out to college so my life at home was much better. I was happy again. From my high school experience, I learned to never give up on myself and if I get knocked down I have to get up stronger.


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